• Ironworks files new complaint against Apple asserting patents covering tactile feedback, ringtone silencing tech

    On Friday, October 6th, Chicago, IL-based intellectual property owner Ironworks Patents LLC filed a patent infringement case against Cupertino, CA-based consumer tech giant Apple Inc. in the District of Delaware. Ironworks’ complaint alleges that Apple’s sale of various iPhone models infringe upon patents that Ironworks owns which cover programmable alert sounds and related technologies incorporated into Apple’s smartphones.

    The post Ironworks files new complaint against Apple asserting…

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  • ON ACCOUNT OF ~の原因で・のため・のせいで


    ON ACCOUNT OF ~の原因で・のため・のせいで

    –>because of, due to,

    $$ However, on account of the "depth profiling" provided by the present invention, bound and unbound labelled antigen may be distinguished. / しかし、本発明により与えられる「深さ方向分析」により、結合した、および結合していない標識を付けた抗原を区別することができる。(USP8084002)

    $$ Radium is not a preferred choice being impractical to use on account of its radioactive half life. / ラジウムは、その放射性半減期のため実用上の使用には適さず、好ましい選択ではない。(USP8049408)

    $$ Poly-nitro derivatives synthesised from compounds of formula (I), will be energy rich on account of the high stoichiometric ratio of nitro groups within the compound. / 式(I)の化合物から合成されるポリ-ニトロ誘導体は、化合物内のニトロ基の化学量論的な比が大きいことから、エネルギーリッチであろう。(USP7592448)

    $$ Gel sheets produced by the method of the invention are easier to handle than known hydrogel sheet dressings, on account of their superior tensile properties and low tendency to self-adherence. (USP6153214)

    $$ However, this is becoming increasingly unacceptable on account of emissions and public reaction. (USP6067915)

    $$ Mobile Telephones where memory is limited on account of size or cost. (USP02029357)

    $$ Also, some extra complexity is required in the receiver and transmitter on account of the required intersymbol gaps. (USP01017899)


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