• Turning Your Patent into a Business: A Practical Guide to Equity Crowdfunding

    Once your patent has been awarded you may still need additional capital to turn that patent into a business. Fortunately it is not as difficult to find investors as you may think. Equity crowdfunding is on the path to surpass venture capital as the preferred way for start-ups and small businesses to raise capital. In a nutshell, equity crowdfunding is the sale of equity (or debt) in your business directly to investors using an online platform instead of a stock brokerage firm.  It is also less…

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  • 当たる



    –> look into(照らし合わせる)

    $$ The folding of the integrally-hinged walls 1 to 4 together in this way brings the flanges 5 to 8 into edge-to-edge abutment with one another. / ヒンジ構造で連結された壁1-4を折り曲げることにより、フランジ5-8は、互いにエッジ同士で当たるようになる。(USP8651278)

    $$ A second surface 75 of the MEA does not form a fluid seal against the gasket 72. / MEAの第2面75は、ガスケット72に当たって流体封止を形成していない。(USP8338057)

    $$ In the second position, the circular plate 129 is urged against the piston face 123′ to seal apertures 122′. / 第2の位置においては、円形板部129は開口122’を封止するためにピストン面123’に当たるように圧迫される。(USP8113011)

    $$ Typically the sensor is in physical contact with the material: either embedded within the material or butting against its edge. / 一般的に、センサは、材料と物理的に接触している、即ち、材料内に埋め込まれるか又はその角部に対して突き当たるかのいずれかである。(USP8211339)

    $$ When radiation 5e encounters the focusing grid 36 it is reflected and focused onto the feed array 16. / 放射5eが集束用グリッド36に当たると、それは反射され、フィードアレイ16上に集束される。(USP6900756)

    $$ Between the bolt-engaging projections, the exterior should preferably have a generally circular section. / 外側は、クランプボルトに当たる突起同士間に概ね円形の断面を有することが好ましい。(USP7213467)

    $$ Also, the most curved parts of a panoramic or moon roof, being located above the upper corners of the windscreen, are highly visible, being approximately at eye level and highly exposed to light. / また、パノラマまたはムーンルーフのほとんどの湾曲部分は、フロントガラスの上側コーナーの上方に位置し、だいたい目の高さにあり光がよく当たるため、よく目立つ。(USP8327668)

    $$ Light emitted from the LED 12 passes through the window 22 and falls on the scale 6. / LED12から発せられた光は、窓22を通過し、スケール6上に当たる。(USP8742956)

    $$ Light emitted from the second light source 12 passes through the window 22 and falls on the scale 6. / 第2の光源12から発せられた光は、窓22を通過し、スケール6に当たる。(USP8505210)

    $$ Light falling on the image sensor is detected by the pixel detectors, which generate output signals corresponding to the amount of light falling on each of those detectors. / イメージセンサ上に当たる光はピクセル検出器によって検出され、ピクセル検出器はこれらの検出器の各々に当たる光の量に対応する出力信号を発生する。(USP8106982)

    $$ However, when light falls one the prismatic cavity, it is reflected at substantially 90° such that it then is directed to the viewer’s eye. / しかしながら、光がプリズム型空洞に当たると、光は実質的に90°反射されて観察者の目に向けられる。(USP6433483)

    $$ An important feature is that the optical beam 115 hits the RSM 105 at the rotational axis 110. / 重要な特徴は、光学ビーム115が、RSM105に、回転軸110において当たるということである。(USP8063366)

    $$ Fuel ejection may be dependent on aircraft height, in that above a certain height fuel will almost completely disperse before hitting ground/building level. (USP7225063)

    $$ Consider a defocus grating designed to diffract light of wavelength λ1 at a specific angle, with an undersized beam hitting the centre of the grating, where the grating period is defined as d0 =dλ1. / 特定の角度で波長λ1の光を回折させるように構成された焦点ずれの格子について、この格子の中心に当たる小型のビームを備え、格子の周期がd0=dλ1 として規定される格子を考慮する。(USP6975457)

    $$ When a light pulse from one of the LEDs hits one of the surfaces, it is reflected approximately through 90° and travels towards the eye of the viewer (not shown) through the top surface 309 of the jewel stone 301. / LEDのうちの1つからの光パルスが上記面のうちの1つに当たったとき、それはほぼ90°反射し、宝石301の上面309を通して観察者(図示せず)の目に向けて進む。(USP6433483)

    $$ Consequently, there is no risk of the laser beam hitting the edges of the aperture 30 and causing scattering from there. (USP5510894)

    $$ The screen needs to be in close contact with the web where the jets impinge, and the screen may be simply laid flat onto the web. / このスクリーンは、ジェットが当たる所でウエブに密着する必要があり、スクリーンはウエブ上に単純に平らに置かれていればよい。(USP8225469)

    $$ The arrows indicate the flow of gas in to the nozzles, gas which has already impinged on the surface of the gear wheel 2 being reflected away therefrom and drawn away along the interstices 5 between nozzles. / 矢印はノズルに入るガスの流れを示し、既に大歯車2の表面に当たったガスはそこから反射されてノズル間の間隙5に沿って排出される。(USP01020503)

    $$ The exterior plates 440a, 440b include access apertures 460a, 460b through which a beam of radiation 470 impinges onto the filter plate 420 and exits there from. / 外部プレート440a、440bは、アクセス穴460a、460bを含み、これらを経て放射ビーム470がフィルタプレート420に当たりそしてそこから退出する。(USP6788479)

    $$ In use the container may be removed from the packaging and the desired contents introduced into the container either through the non-return valve or by removal of the seal. / 使用に当たり、容器を包装材から取り出し、所望の内容物を、逆止弁を通すかシールを取り外すかのいずれかにより容器内に導入するのがよい。 (USP8100276)

    $$ On event AC_BUSY, service( ) finds service data for the destination number, and increments the reporting counter for calls meeting busy. / イベントAC_BUSYでは、service()は宛先電話番号についてのサービスデータを見付け、ビジーに当たる呼の報告カウントをインクリメントする。(USP6330313)

    $$ For example, the landing gear cannot be fully retracted inboard if its length is such that it would strike a central section of the aircraft (such as the keel beam) or its partner landing gear from the opposite side. / 例えば、着陸装置の長さが、着陸装置が航空機の中央部分(キール・ビームなど)に当たり、又はもう一方の着陸装置に反対側から当たるようであれば、着陸装置を完全に機体内に引き込むことができない。(USP8844864)

    $$ Should the power piston 4 further exceed its normal travel, the bottom of the power piston will strike the further resilient tongues 17 providing a further increase in the retarding force. / パワーピストン4がその通常の行程を更に越える場合には、パワーピストンの底部が更なる弾性舌部17に突き当たって、抑制力が更に大きくなる。(USP7584612)


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  • Old plagiarism incident at Vanderbilt Law re-surfaces

    A post at the Boston Globe titled State Street CEO-designate says law school plagiarism was a ‘very big mistake’ has an interesting account of plagiarism at the Vanderbilt Law School.

    Within, one has text:

    In 1983, O’Hanley withdrew from Vanderbilt University Law School after admitting to plagiarism as editor-in-chief of the Vanderbilt Law Review in his third year. It was a mistake O’Hanley, 60, now says he deeply regrets.


    Even as O’Hanley’s career advanced, there has been little mention of the plagiarism incident, to the surprise of some classmates. A May 1983 National Law Journal story said O’Hanley plagiarized parts of an article on the legal protection known as double jeopardy written by an attorney who had attended Vanderbilt as an undergraduate.


    In a 2006 speech at Vanderbilt, one of O’Hanley’s classmates, Paul Atkins — a commissioner with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the time — cited the matter without naming O’Hanley. He called it a “wrenching, blatant case of plagiarism.”

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  • Did the Federal Circuit doom Amgen’s Enbrel® monopoly?

    In the case, Amgen v. Sanofi, the Court vacated an injunction Amgen obtained against a competing drug to its new PCSK9-inhibitor.  The Court’s decision turned on a finding that the jury was improperly instructed on the criteria for invalidating a patent directed to an antibody for lack of written description.  Thus, will the precedent recently established in Amgen’s PCSK9 case doom the validity of its patents covering Enbrel®?  There are likely two ways that the decision in Amgen v. Sanofi made…

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  • Fact-Finding in Eligibility Analysis: Reviewed De Novo?

    Prism Tech v. T-Mobile USA (Supreme Court 2017) [Prism Technologies Petition] The district court sided with the patentee – Prism Tech’s – finding the user-authentication claims eligible under section 101.  Important for the petition here, the district court relied upon substantial expert testimony as well as other documentary evidence in concluding that the claims were enforceable. Ordinarily, a district […]

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  • Amendments to the .ZA ADR Regulations

    After having proposed changes to the .ZA Alternative Dispute Resolution Regulations in December last year, the South African Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has, with effect from today, amended the Regulations in some significant respects.  The amendment notice can be viewed here.

    Many of the amendments appear to have been lifted from the UK DRS (the .uk dispute resolution system) and they are generally to be welcomed, although there is some uncertainty as to how some of the amendments will work in practice.  It would appear that the SAIIPL Supplementary Procedure has not yet been updated to incorporate the changes and this will of course be required going forward.

    Below is a summary of the amendments:

    ·        Mandatory informal mediation to be run by the government domain name authority ZADNA introduced. If settlement reached, no complaint fees payable; 

    ·        The rebuttable presumption of an abusive registration if the registrant has been found to have made an abusive registration in three or more disputes in the previous 12 months has now been extended to the previous two years; 

    ·        The possible decisions that an adjudicator can reach have been expanded to include cancellation of the disputed domain name. Asking for this is of course risky, if you’re acting for the complainant, given that the domain will probably fall back into the pool of available domains; 

    ·        A real penalty for reverse domain name hijacking has been provided. If three disputes by the same complainant have been refused within a period of two years on the basis of reverse domain name hijacking, the provider will not accept any further complaints from that complainant for a period of two years except on good cause shown; 

    ·        The confusion created by requiring a commissioner of oaths to attest to the pleadings in countries where there is no such office has been remedied; 

    ·        If the registrant does not respond to a complaint then a summary decision must be issued with 50% of the complaint fee being refunded. A summary decision is not defined but will presumably have the same meaning as in the context of the UK DRS, being a short decision without full written reasons; 

    ·        A period in which to file a statement of intention to appeal has now been provided, being four days after receipt of a decision; and
    ·        If legal proceedings are instituted during a dispute, the adjudicator must proceed to decide the dispute if the adjudicator has already been appointed once the proceedings are instituted.
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