• The Art of Reverse Engineering

    Recently a client asked me for advice on setting up a “reverse engineering” project. He no longer had access to any trade secrets of his former employer; what could possibly go wrong?… In most circumstances, there is nothing wrong with reverse engineering. The recently-enacted Defend Trade Secrets Act declares that it cannot be an “improper means” of acquiring information. (In fact, if you properly reverse engineer a product, the information you discover can be held by you as your own trade…

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  • How Bitcoin Became a Game Changer Overnight

    Bitcoin was touted as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. It basically is a cryptocurrency which uses peer-to-peer technology to provide payment network gateway. Bitcoin is deliberately designed for public use by making it an open-source. Therefore, nobody owns or governs or control Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of it. Bitcoin financial infrastructure follows decentralized and automated systems which overcome the inefficiency of the traditional financial system. The unique…

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  • U.S. Leads World in Quantum Computing Patent Filings with IBM Leading the Charge

    Patenting activities in the quantum computing sector have rapidly increased in recent years, with the U.S. by far the preferred jurisdiction for applicants… One interesting finding from the Patinformatics report is that, although Northrop Grumman doesn’t have the largest portfolio in the field, it is well-situated to compete with the biggest players. “One of our main assertions is that, if there’s an organization interested in being competitive with IBM, they may want to contemplate a…

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  • Secured by Inventors

    Ron Katznelson’s new paper is available online, titled Private Patent Rights, the Patent Bargain and the Fiction of Administrative ‘Error Correction’ in Inter Partes Reviews.  Ron argues: The exclusive patent right is not a creature of Congress. That right originates with, and is created by, the inventor. It is only secured by statute subject to the […]

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  • いずれか/何れか




    $$ Instead, in a preferred implementation, a sequence id of any ADU arriving at any receiver consists of two parts, the sender id and the per-sender sequenceid. その代わりに、好ましい実施形態では、何れかの受信者に到達するADUのシーケンスid(識別子)は、2つの部分、すなわち送信者idおよび送信者ごとのシーケンスidから成る。(USP6996722)

    $$ The mobile station 18 then searches, within its allocated frequency band, for available cells of any PLMN and displays the available PLMN identities in step 184. / そのあと、移動局18はその割り当て周波数バンド内で、いずれかのPLMNの利用可能セルをサーチし、その利用可能なPLMNのIDをステップ184で表示する。(USP6826414)

    $$ FIG. 17b shows such direct connections via passive elements 44, 46 that could be resistive, capacitive or inductive or any viable combination thereof. / 図17bは、抵抗性、容量性、または誘導性あるいはそのいずれかの可能な組み合わせとすることができる、能動素子44、46を介した、かかる直接接続を示す。(USP6816020)

    $$ Alternatively, any of these groups may be substituted by one or more of substituents α. / あるいは、これらの基のいずれかは、1つ又はそれ以上の置換基αにより置換され得る。(USP6797699)

    $$ The example embodiments of the present invention operate to convert illegal colour pixels into legal pixels using any one of four methods. / 本発明の実施の形態においては、4つの手法のいずれかを用いて、規格外の色画素を規格内の色画素に変換する。(USP6614489)

    $$ The VECTOR POINT facility allows the user to determine field direction at any individual point on the field map. / ベクトルポイント機能により、ユーザは磁界マップのいずれかの個々のポイントにおける磁界の方向を求めることができる。(USP6611142)

    $$ Any one direction of the incident radiation 4 undergoes a conical scan on reflection and falls onto the plane mirror 8. / 放射光4のいずれか1つの方向は反射面上で円錐状走査を受け、かつ平板鏡8に写される。(USP6587246)

    $$ A matching circuit according to any preceding claim in which the network is an even-order filter. / ネットワークが、偶数位数フィルターである、上記請求項のいずれかによる整合回路。(USP6583685)

    $$ If any pixel in area xxxx equals 1, it contains logo information. / 領域XXXXの何れかの画素が1に等しいとき、この領域はロゴ情報を含む。(USP6567128)

    $$ On either side of the membrane an anode and cathode electrocatalyst is incorporated to increase the rates of the desired electrode reactions. / 前記膜のいずれか片面上に、アノードおよびカソード電気触媒が組み入れられて、所望の電極反応の速度を上昇させる。(USP6855452)

    $$ The term "ferromagnetic" is often used in the art to embrace materials which are either "ferromagnetic" or "ferrimagnetic". / “強磁性”という用語は、“強磁性”又は“フェリ磁性”のいずれかである材料を含むために、本技術分野で使用されることが多い。(USP6815063)

    $$ In a two way conversation a vector Oi may be produced by either of two speakers, or may correspond to a background noise. / 2方向の会話では、ベクトルOiは、2人の話し手のいずれかにより生成でき、又は背景雑音に対応できる。(USP6671666)


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  • Has the Patent System failed US tech companies?

    Patent Monetization is a wake. The Patent System failed US tech companies. Licensing is dead. Patent values are zero – perhaps even negative…. The Silicon Valley elites have patent strangled start-ups and hire away their talent. There is no respect for patents at all. Zero. Nada. Ironic in view of the past creation of Silicon Valley where patents were, once upon a time, the driver of value accretion. Not anymore. Data is the new “oil” in them thar hills. If you have and can secure and sell…

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