• Revised MPEP May Provide New Tools in Alice Rejections

    The MPEP requires that “[i]n particular, the initial burden is on the examiner to explain why a claim or claims are ineligible for patenting clearly and specifically, so that applicant has sufficient notice and is able to effectively respond.” MPEP § 2106.07. In examining under Step 2A, “the rejection should identify the judicial exception by referring to what is recited (i.e., set forth or described) in the claim and explain why it is considered an exception.” Id. Specifically, “if the claim…

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  • Conley Rose Promotes Darlene Ghavimi to Principal

    Conley Rose, PC announced the promotion of Darlene F. Ghavimi to the position of Principal for 2018.  Ms. Ghavimi primarily represents clients in contentious and complex patent and trademark litigation.  She also has extensive experience in patent and trademark preparation and prosecution, infringement opinions, licensing, technology transfer, and client counseling related to patent and trademark issues.  

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  • Webinar on Patent-Eligibility in 2018

    McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP will be offering a live webinar entitled “Patent-Eligibility in 2018: Current Status and Best Practices” on February 20, 2018 from 10:00 am to 11:15 am (CT). In this presentation, Patent Docs author and MBHB attorney Michael Borella will discuss the state of software and business method patent-eligibility in 2018 by reviewing what changed (and what did not change) in 2017. Topics to be covered include: • Overview of the most recent Federal Circuit case law regarding Section 101; • Where this law is relatively clear, and where it is not; • The impact of…

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  • IPO Webinar on Patent Exhaustion after Lexmark

    The Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO) will offer a one-hour webinar entitled “Exhaustion Tamed? Early Reports and New Ideas after Lexmark” on February 8, 2018 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm (ET). Jorge Goldstein of Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, PLLC; Brian Kacedon of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP; and William Krovatin of Merck & Co Inc. will discuss strategies and recent court cases that involve: • Staking out the claim that a sale is not an “authorized sale” — Chrimar v. Alcatel Lucent and Sunoco v. U.S. Venture; • Using claims of tortious interference under state law against…

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  • USPTO Patent Quality Chat Webinar Series

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office will be offering the next webinar in its Patent Quality Chat webinar series from 12:00 to 1:00 pm (ET) on February 13, 2018. The latest webinar, entitled “eMod Update: Patent Center and Structured Text” will be hosted by Richard Fernandez, eMod Project Manager, and Lisa Tran, Communications Manager for eCommerce, who will discuss: • New structured text features; • Filing structured text via the electronic filing system (EFS-Web); and • Accessing structured text submissions, structured text office actions, and XML downloads using the Private Patent Application Information Retrieval (PAIR) system. The eMod team will…

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  • 思う



    –> feel, hope

    $$ The presence of calcium oxide within the melt appears to allow the electro-decomposition reaction to initiate relatively easily. / 溶融物内の酸化カルシウムの存在は、電気分解反応が比較的容易に開始されることを可能にすると思われる。(USP8992758)

    $$ Additional advantages and modifications will readily appear to those skilled in the art. / 更なる利点および変更は当業者に容易に分かると思われる。(USP8186630)

    $$ The presence of N-H appeared to be confirmed by FTIR. / N-Hの存在は、FTIRにより確認されると思われた。(USP7592448)

    $$ However, I believe that the following important consideration needs to be addressed: / しかしながら、次のように重要な考慮を払う必要があると思われる。(USP8408208)

    $$ One class of materials which is believed to be suitable is ceramics. / 適切であると思われる種類の材料はセラミックである。(USP8398711)

    $$ These air passages are believed to provide additional aeration to the wine as it flows from the feed holes 8. / これらの空気通路により供給孔8から流れるワインに対してさらに多くのエアレーションがもたらされるものと思われる。(USP8196906)

    $$ Ink-jet printing is considered to be particularly suitable for large area patterning with good registration, in particular for flexible plastic substrates. / 良好に位置合わせした状態で大面積をパターンニングするには、特に柔軟なプラスチック基板にはインクジェット印刷が特に適していると思われる。(USP8400576)

    $$ Thus if we could save 1 minute of a journey (60 seconds) by driving an extra 1 km, we would consider each route about even. / したがって、我々が1kmを余分にドライブすることによって、旅(60秒)の1分を節約することができれば、我々は各ルートをほとんど均一であると思うだろう。(USP8249810)

    $$ Such fibres would not be considered as useful for insulation purposes. / このような繊維が絶縁目的に有用であると、考えられないと思われる。(USP8163377)

    $$ This is termed the "cracking pressure" and, in oxygen therapy applications, is likely to be in the order of 10 Pa to 20 Pa. / これは「クラッキング圧」と呼ばれ、酸素療法の用途においては、約10~20Paであると思われる。(USP8276584)

    $$ This degradation is most likely to occur in the presence of water and oxygen. / この劣化は、水及び酸素が存在すると最も起き易いと思われる。(USP8141409)

    $$ In other words, the effective refractive index of the optical fibre core is likely to be greater than the refractive index of free space. / つまり、光ファイバコアの実効屈折率は、自由空間の屈折率より大きくすべきであると思われる。(USP7592943)

    $$ It was thought that this was possibly due to the presence of excess sensitizer as it is difficult to rinse the reservoir thoroughly due to its small size and narrow induction port. / その小さいサイズ、および、狭い誘導ポートのために完全にリザーバをすすぐことが困難であるように、これがおそらく過剰な増感剤の存在に起因したと思われた。(USP8534133)

    $$ It is thought that, in this instance, dissipation of mechanical energy may also occur via the probe’s interaction with the sample surface. / この例では、機械的エネルギの散逸はプローブの試料表面との相互作用を介して生じていると思われる。(USP7596989)

    $$ An initial mapping is tentatively established between what are thought to be corresponding points in the two data sets. / 最初のマッピングが2つのデータ組中の対応すると思われる点の間で試験的に確立される。(USP7124022)

    $$ Thus the "spectral data" are generated which represent that which would be generated by a sample in a real experiment. / このようにして、実際の実験でサンプルにより発生されると思われるものを表す「スペクトルデータ」を生成する。(USP8346521)

    $$ Naturally, however, the complexity and costs of manufacture in the case of a layered core would be expected to be greater. / しかしながら、当然、層状コアの場合、製造の複雑さやコストは増大すると思われる。(USP8162098)

    $$ A skilled person will appreciate that variations of the disclosed arrangements are possible without departing from the invention. / 本発明の技術逸脱することなく、上に説明した態様の変更が可能であることは、当業者には理解できると思われる。(USP7598149)

    $$ However, it would be complicated to have these wedge blocks 180 provided centrally recessed in the middle of the road 156. / しかし、道路156の真ん中で、これらのくさび形ブロック180を中央に埋め込むことは複雑と思われる。(USP7090586)

    $$ Cyclones such as the example shown in FIG. 2 can be effective removing oil particles having a diameter of approximately two microns. / 図2に示される例のようなサイクロンは、およそ2ミクロンの直径を有するオイル粒子の除去に効果的であると思われる。(USP8657901): can

    $$ However, a non-continuous coating may be sufficient for other purposes. / しかし他の目的にとっては非連続的なコーティングでも十分であると思われる。(USP8492898): may

    $$ When a sub-array comprises 1×1 cells (i.e. they do not overlap) the best achievable seems to be 50.4 dBi from the 249 control points. / サブアレイが、1×1個のセルからなっている(すなわち、重なり合わない)場合、最良の達成可能な値は、249個の制御点から、50.4dBiであると思われる。(USP8344945): seem

    $$ If a user-profile change request is not deemed fraudulent, step 720 is followed directly by step 730. / ユーザプロフィール変更要求が不正行為であると思われないとき、段階720 の直ぐ次に段階730 が行われる。(USP5907602): deem


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  • Aspirational claiming

    It is always interesting when the Federal Circuit introduces a new term into the lexicon of patent law.  The court did so the other day.  Judge Stoll’s opinion for the court referred to a claim as “aspirational.” The step-one analysis requires us to consider the claims “in their entirety to ascertain whether their character as […]

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  • Turnitin’s product: Authorship Investigation

    The Telegraph talks about “contract cheating,” related to students paying third parties to perform
    course work, which amounts to a form of plagiarism:

    Amid growing concern over “contract cheating”, Turnitin, the largest provider of monitoring software to British universities, will launch a new programme designed to catch out students who pay for professionally written essays.

    The new software, named Authorship Investigation, will monitor and learn the writing styles of individual students and flag up content which shows considerable divergence from their previous work.

    link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2018/02/01/new-university-plagiarism-software-launched-crackdown-contract/

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