• Conclusory approach to obviousness by PTAB in IPR insufficient to render claims invalid

    The Federal Circuit found that the Board failed to provide sufficient explanation for its obviousness finding, instead using a conclusory approach that asked whether the missing limitation resulted from “ordinary creativity” of a skilled artisan. According to the panel majority, the question of whether the claims resulted from ordinary creativity was akin to asking whether the claims were obvious as a result of common sense. Therefore, the Federal Circuit began by returning to it’s 2016 ruling…

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  • Webinar on § 101 Rejections in Computer and Electronics Patents

    Strafford will be offering a webinar entitled “Overcoming § 101 Rejections for Computer and Electronics Related Patents — Leveraging USPTO Guidance and Recent Decisions to Meet 101 Patent Eligibility Requirements” on April 19, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm EDT. Charles Bieneman of Bejin Bieneman and Michael P. Shepherd of Fish & Richardson will guide patent counsel for overcoming § 101 rejections for computer and electronics related patents, and review recent case law and USPTO guidance on § 101 patent eligibility and offer strategies to address § 101 rejections. The webinar will review the following issues: • What are the…

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  • ACI Paragraph IV Disputes Conference

    American Conference Institute (ACI) will be holding its 12th Annual Paragraph IV Disputes conference on April 23-24, 2018 in New York, NY. ACI faculty will provide insights into: • Understanding the correlation between Paragraph IV filings and the speed of ANDA approvals • Reviewing recent Federal Circuit rulings and District Court interpretations of TC Heartland, and their impact on venue • Exploring Oil States vs. Greene’s Energy Group and the constitutionality of IPR proceedings • Examining the impact of the Sovereign immunity defense and the status of a Congressional response • The interplay between the new FDA leadership and Hatch-Waxman…

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  • ~が有する ~の有する ~が備える


    ~が有する ~の有する ~が備える

    $$ Interpolation between sensors can be used to increase the resolution that the user has to control the temperature and flow rate of water. / 水の温度および流量を制御するために使用者が有する分解能を高めるために、センサ間の補間を用いることができる。(USP8516628)

    $$ FIG. 12 depicts the double-chambered device from the "external" view, which the service provider might have when the device is installed in the customer’s wall. / 図12は、デバイスが顧客の壁の中に設置されるときに、サービスプロバイダが有する可能性のある二重チャンバ付きデバイスを「外部」ビューから描いている。(USP7599597)

    $$ Each satellite 4a, 4b has an array antenna 90, for communication with the mobile terminal 18, which synthesizes a number of overlapping spot beams each having a projected area 50 on the earth’s surface of between 1000 km and 3000 km in diameter, as shown in FIG. 7. / 各衛星4a、4bは、移動端末18との通信のためにアレーアンテナ90を有している。このアレーアンテナ90は、図7に示されるように直径1000kmから3000kmの地表上投射領域を各々が有する複数の重なり合ったスポットビームを生成する。(USPA01046481)

    $$ FIGS. 2 to 7 represent the views which each system domain has in the logical architecture, with respect to the other system domains; / 図2から図7は、他のシステムドメインに関して論理アーキテクチャーにおいて各システムドメインが有する概要を表している。(USP6073174)

    $$ This arrangement is particularly useful when the features comprise lines extending perpendicular to the measuring dimension of the scale. / スケールの測定寸法に対して直交し延在する線をフィーチャが備えている場合、この配置は、とりわけ有用である。(USP8505210): comprise

    $$ The transport stream contains all the service information carried in the received signal. / 輸送ストリームは受信された信号の有するすべてのサービス情報を含む。(USP6661373): contain

    $$ In this way, the shelves include integral storage areas for cables that include openings to allow the cables to be easily routed through a shelf, dispensing with the need for cable ties. / このように、ケーブルタイを必要とすることなく、棚を通してケーブルを容易に取り回せるようにする開口部を備えたケーブル用の一体収納領域を棚が備えている。(USP8561820): include

    $$ De-allocations are notified to downstream ports or switches, and the tokens owned by the de-allocated SAQ in the leaf node are sent back towards the downstream switch. / 割り当て解除は、ダウンストリームポート又はスイッチへ通知され、葉ノードの割り当て解除されたSAQが有するトークン信号は、ダウンストリームスイッチに向かって戻される。(USP8174978): own

    $$ This approach reduces the cost and complexity of existing contact methodology. / このアプローチは、コストと現存する接触部の方法論が有する複雑さを低減する。(USP8062743): of


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