• Decision In US Inter Partes Review Case Coming But Outcome “Highly Uncertain”

    The United States Supreme Court is likely to affirm the constitutionality of US Patent and Trademark Office inter partes reviews when it rules in the closely watched matter of Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene’s Energy Group LLC, according to Michael Best & Friedrich intellectual property attorney Marshall Schmitt. The end result of the decision, however, is hard to predict, he said.

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  • Ending Unauthorised Access To Genetic Resources (aka Biopiracy): Bounded Openness

    “Access to genetic resources” and “the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from their utilization” have beleaguered all thirteen Conferences of the Parties to the 1993 United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), a group of academics writes. The expression in quotes constitutes the third objective of the Convention and is intertwined with the first two, conservation and sustainable use. It goes by the acronym “ABS”. Despite 25 years of efforts and an annual bio-economy of nearly one trillion dollars, few contracts have ever been concluded. And of those very few, the monetary benefits are so low that contracting parties are loathe to disclose them. The “Brazilian ABS Law” of 2015, which came into effect on 6 November 2017, even allows royalties on net sales to be as low as one tenth of one percent. In the words of one distinguished legal scholar, Users are paying “peanuts for biodiversity.”

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  • What’s the Price of Your Patent?

    Richardson Oliver Insights launches a suite of data and analytics solutions providing patent buyers, sellers, and executives access to patent market data covering over 120,000 patent assets and nearly 5,000 deals. The data spans hundreds of technologies and market sectors including smartphones, wireless communications, cloud computing, social networking, OLED displays, and semiconductors.

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  • House Bill Would Establish National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

    By Aaron Gin — On March 20, 2018, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced a bill (H.R. 5356) in the United States House of Representatives in an effort to establish a new National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence. The Commission itself would be considered an independent establishment in the Executive Branch under 5 U.S.C. § 104. The bill, entitled the National Security Commission Artificial Intelligence Act of 2018, directs the Commission to review advances in “artificial intelligence, related machine learning developments, and associated technologies.” Specifically, the Commission will consider how to advance such technologies so as to “comprehensively address the national…

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  • 代わる



    $$ In further alternative embodiments, the capacitor that forms part of the resonant circuit in the float may be replaced with an AC power source. / また、これに代わる実施形態においては、フロート内の共振回路の一部を構成するキャパシタを、交流電源に置き換えることもできる。(USP6561022)

    $$ As an alternative to a promoter of oestrogenic activity, it is possible in accordance with the first embodiment of the invention, to use promoters of androgenic activity. / エストロゲン活性のプロモーターに代わる物として、本発明の第1の具体例において、アンドロゲン活性のプロモーターを使用することが可能である。(USP6696433)

    $$ The present invention in one of its broadest aspects resides in the appreciation that there is a viable alternative to the underpass solution. / 本発明の最も広い側面の1つは、地下立体交差による解決法に代わる実施可能な代案が存在するという認識にある。(USP7090586)

    $$ It has particular relevance to the retail trades where it offers an alternative to the known optical filters used in conventional anticounterfeiting techniques. / 本発明は、従来の偽造防止技術に用いられる公知の光フィルタに代わる手段を提供するので小売り業者に特に適している。(USP6631033)

    $$ In insertion step (2805), the test signal replaces the programme signal. / 挿入ステップ(2805)において、テスト信号はプログラム信号に取って代わる。(USP7577260)

    $$ The third type of change is likely to be performed manually, as replacement of a new tariff will in general require an element of design requiring human input. / 第3のタイプの変更は手操作で実行される可能性が高く、新しい料金に代わるものとして、一般的に人間による入力を要求する設計要素を要求する。(USP7319673)

    $$ The embodiments as described hereinafter are designed for use with the magnetic field measurement system 10 described hereinbefore as an interchangeable replacement for the flatbed scanner robot assembly 12. / 以下で述べる実施例は、平盤スキャナロボットアセンブリ12に代わるものとして以下で述べる磁界測定システム10とともに用いるように設計されたものである。(USP6611142)

    $$ For example, a bar code could replace the cross bar in a capital "A", and similar modifications for the other letters of the alphabet. / 例えば、バーコードは、大文字の「A」内の横棒に取って代わることができ、アルファベットの他の文字に対しても同様の改変が可能である。(USP6058304)

    $$ The two polarisers 15a,15b take the place of the two reflective surfaces 10a,10b in FIG. 5. / 2つの偏光子15a,15bは図5における2つの反射表面10a,10bに代わるものである。(USP6587246)


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