• ESPN+ and the streaming of sports events–will it complement or cannibalize?

    Already in the 19th century, the book industry had begun to experiment with publishing paperback versions. The question early on was whether paperbacks expanded the market, by reaching readers who would not otherwise have purchased the more expensive hardback, or whether it tended to cannibalize sales. The advent of paper books was perhaps the first example of the tension between complementing and cannibalizing a copyright-driven market.

    A version of this arose in the recent announcement by Disney of ESPN+, which is meant to be a sports-streaming service that will be available for a (modest?) monthly subscription fee. Still, even die-hard sports fans who cannot get enough of televised sports may have missed the launch of the service on April 12th. Usually, when Disney does a launch, one can expect bells, whistles, and a lot more, the better to draw attention to the new offering. Add to that is the fact that ESPN is the most consistently lucrative part of the Disney empire. Still, all in all, the launch of ESPN+ was a modest affair. It is interesting to consider the reasons this was so, and why Disney is gingerly taking steps as it enters the sports streaming business.

    According to The Economist (“ESPN starts a streaming service”, April 19th), Disney’s ultimate goal (bad sports pun, this ….) for ESPN+ is to create “a sort of mini [njw-at least for the moment] -Netflix for sports”, namely a commercial streaming service, as opposed to pay-tv packages that offer all the coveted major (at least US) sports. While a cable company may offer hundreds of channels, it is primarily the live sports programming (together with perhaps news) that principally draw subscribers to its services. This is why ESPN is such a valuable channel, with a reported 86 million subscribers, for which ESPN receives $8.14 in fees per subscriber per month, the highest of any network.

    Enter the streaming challenge, embodied by Netflix. For a fraction of the cost, viewers can in principle cut the cable cord and still enjoy a wide array [although how “wide” can still be debated] of contents for viewing. So what is Disney to do? ESPN is ever so lucrative as a cable channel, but streaming could disrupt and thereby threaten that industry, if the right business model can be found. For the moment, therefore, the solution is apparently for Disney/ESPN to take baby steps.

    This means no streaming of mainline sports events. Instead, ESPN+ will focus on streaming “secondary sports”, described by Wikipedia as such events as—

    “… combat sports, college sports, cricket, rugby union, soccer (including out-of-market Major League Soccer matches), and tennis”.

    The aim in showing such sporting events is to reach what ESPN, according to The Economist, calls the “hard-core sports fanatic” or the “underserved sports fan.” On this basis, ESPN+ would appear to pose no current threat of materially cannibalizing its own cable offerings. As noted by Wikipedia

    “The service is not intended to cannibalize ESPN’s core linear networks, so it will not carry ESPN’s core professional sports rights or offer access to ESPN’s linear programming. ESPN+ will instead serve as a complement to them as part of the ongoing market trend of cord cutting and over-the-top pay television….”

    However, it is difficult to believe that ESPN+ will continue to limit itself to streaming only these kinds of live sporting events to the tails of the viewing population. Presumably, at some point, Disney will want to make real money from this. When crunch time comes, Disney will have to answer the question—how will it manage the clash between cable and internet streaming?

    Hardback and softback books continue to co-exist (now joined by e-books as a third form of book product) on the basis that they are more complementary than cannibalizing of the book industry, taken as a whole. Whether that model will characterize the relationship between streaming and cable remains an open question. Will ESPN+ will be limited to being a niche form of live sports streaming, “a sort of mini-Netflix for sports”. Or will it be something more; if so, how much more? Stay tuned.

    Photo on lower left by Roger Cornfoot and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license

    By Neil Wilkof

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  • TTAB Says No Likely Confusion Between Rap Producer Dr. Dre and OB/GYN Specialist Dr. Drai

    On May 3rd, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) issued a decision in a trademark opposition proceeding which was petitioned by Andre Young, the rapper and record producer better known as Dr. Dre. The rap mogul filed the trademark opposition to challenge the registration of federal trademarks filed by Draion Burch, an obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) medical specialist who had filed applications to protect trademarks related to his nickname, Dr. Drai. The TTAB’s found that, although…

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  • 距離(離間長)の表現



    $$ This limits the distance that the needle 3 can protrude from the opening 133, thereby preventing the needle 3 from penetrating the skin too deeply. / これは、針3が開口133から突き出ることができる距離を制限し、それによって、針3が深く皮膚に貫通しすぎることを防ぐ。(USP8114109)

    $$ In non-contact operation the cantilever is oscillated above the sample at such a distance that the molecular interaction force is no longer repulsive. / 非接触動作では、カンチレバーは、分子間相互作用力がもはや反発的でないそのような距離で試料の上方で振動する。(USP7596989)

    $$ Pockets in the sled encompass the idlers, and ledges 376 define the distance that the idlers protrude through the surface of the sled when the gate is closed (in the accumulation position). (USP7306220)

    $$ This shows a clear peak at exactly the frame corresponding to the distance at which the book had been placed. / 図5は、まさに本が置かれた距離に対応するフレームにおいて明瞭なピークを示している。(USP8040428)

    $$ In practice, the object distance at which the Sony EVI 331 colour camera block could provide such an image was reduced from 300 mm to 60 mm by the addition of such a lens. / 実際には Sony EVI 331カラーカメラブロックがこのようなイメージを生成するオブジェクトの距離は、このようなレンズを加えることによって300mmから60mmへ低減した。(USP6687389)

    $$ These estimates are averaged modulo the maximum clock uncertainty in the system to give an estimated distance between the units of 95.125 m. / これらの推定値が、システム内で最大クロック不確実性を法として平均化されて、95.125mの推定ユニット間距離を与える。(USP7595755)

    $$ At this time, the inter-conclusion set distance between conclusion sets 40 and 50 then corresponds to the distance Q specified by the designer or user of the database. / これにより、この時、結論セット40と結論セット50との間の結論セット間距離は、データベースの設計者またはユーザによって指定された距離Qに対応する。(USP7577673)

    $$ The optical system comprised two lenses with focal lengths of 50 cm and 100 cm, separated by 5 cm. / 光学系は、焦点距離が50cmと100cmとを備えた、5cm離れた2つのレンズを備えていた。(USP6975457)

    $$ The shape and size of the field distribution of the guided mode in a PCF depends on the relative sizes of the air holes and their separations from each other. / PCFにおける導波モードの電磁界分布の形状および寸法は、空気孔の相対的寸法や空気孔同士の離隔距離に依存する。(USP6631234)

    $$ For a parallel plate capacitor where C0=εoA/d and where A is the plate area, d is the plate separation and εo is the permittivity of free space… / Co=εoA/dであり、Aはプレート面積、dはプレート間距離、及びεoは自由空間の誘電率である。(USPA01004075)

    $$ Consequently, the actuator 36 requires more travel, but less load than the actuator 36 arrangement shown in FIG. 5 to bring about the same degree of movement of the axle 14. / したがって、アクチュエータ36は、車軸14を同じ角度だけ動かすために、図5に示されるように、アクチュエータ36の構成よりも長い距離を移動しなければならないが、負荷はより少ない。(USP8998129)

    $$ However, by extending the travel of both the turf trays 200, 202 to beyond that which would normally be required, this problem can be overcome. / しかし、この問題は、両方の芝トレイ200,202の移動距離を通常必要な距離よりも延長することによって克服することができる。(USP7090586)

    $$ Preferably the maximum distance is not less than the maximum range for communication between the transmitter and the receiver. / 好ましくは、最大距離は、送信機と受信機との間の通信に関する最大範囲以上である。(USP7595755)

    $$ The range to different objects in the scene were measured to an accuracy of 0.5 mm at mid range. / 光景内の別の対象物までの距離は、中間距離で0.5mmの精度まで測定された。(USP7589825)

    $$ However, the specially configured nodes 2" could each use a high gain, long range movable antenna if required. / ただし、特別に構成されたノード2”は、必要とされるのであれば、それぞれ高利得、長距離可動アンテナを使用できるだろう。(USP6553020)

    $$ Since the user is then less than 100 mm from the mirror 45, the range sensor 51 will start to output the proximity signal. / ユーザはミラー45から100mmよりも近いところにいるので、距離センサ51は近接信号を出力し始める。(USP6687389)

    $$ An object is placed at a suitable distance, typically 1-2 m, from the other side of the panel. / 対象物は、パネルの他方の側から適切な距離だけ離れて、通常は、1~2m離れて配置する。(USP6212805)

    $$ The fibre unit 1 is also provided with a breakout unit 230 about 100 mm from the pre-connectorised tails. / ファイバユニット1はまた、接続処理されたテイルから約100nmのところにブレークアウト(突き出し)ユニットを備える。(USP5749565)

    $$ All of these elements are positioned in front of a dark, vertical backdrop 408 at a distance of 1750 mm from the turntable center. (USP6327381)

    $$ The instrument does not contact the tissue but is held approximately 5 mm from the treated area. (USP6629974)

    $$ The longest loop measures 30 mm from the curved end to the annular member 48. (USP6781124)

    $$ By "a first predetermined distance" we mean about 350 mm above and preferably about 300 mm above or at or below the height of said highest point. (USP5836733)

    $$ Upstream of the probe the oil flow piping had two parallel sections which rejoined 2.2 m above the probe. (USPA02036501)

    $$ A slot 3 mm wide defined in a mask positioned 1 mm above the screen 6 has been found to be acceptable in a recorder system where the lens of the camera is approximately 250 mm away from the screen. / スクリーン6の上方1ミリメートルのところに位置付けられたマスク内で規定される3ミリメ-トルの幅のスロットは、カメラのレンズがスクリーンからおよそ250ミリメ-トル離れている場合に記録装置システムにおいて受入れ可能であることがわかっている。(USP5453842)

    $$ For example, if the use of the probe in the manner described is used to report a depth of the node of D mm below the skin surface, then this is below the un-distorted skin surface. / 例えば、ここで記述される方式でプローブを用いて皮膚表面下Dmmにある節の深さを報告する場合、これは歪のない皮膚表面下になる。(USP7576332)

    $$ Usually the top surface of the barrier 35 is from 6 mm to 15 mm below the level of the bath surface, the optimum distance depending on the speed and acceleration of the ribbon. (USP4131446)

    $$ In a parallel cable the two conductors are close together, typically 8 mm apart. (USP7566849)

    $$ The blown fibre tubing is then formed with two punched holes, which are positioned 15mm apart, using a special pair of pliers (not shown). / 次に、特殊なプライヤ対(図示せず)を用いて2つの打ち抜き孔を有する吹き出しファイバ配管12が形成される。孔は15mm離れている。(USP5749565)

    $$ A simple mirror structure with only 3 silicon elements either side of the cavity is sufficient to generate rejection levels of 25 dB for wavelengths more than 1 nm away from the cavity resonance. / キャビティの両側にわずか3つのシリコン素子を備えた単純なミラー構造が、キャビティ共振から1nm以上離れた波長について、25dBの除去レベルを発生するのに充分である。(USP6980362)

    $$ The leaky feeder cable 38 is mounted within the track, but must be positioned at least 50 mm away from any steel work. (USP6799672)

    $$ The insertion loss is still only 0.7 dB when the filter has been tuned 50 nm away from the nominal wavelength. (USP5287214)

    $$ Thereafter, as explained below, in order to see an upright image of his eye in the mirror, the user must move to within 100 mm of the image capture part 34./ その後以下に記載するように、ミラー内でユーザの眼の正しいイメージを見るために、ユーザはイメージ捕捉部34から100nm内に移動しなければならない。(USP6687389)

    $$ Exclude any strip that slips during the test or that breaks within 10 mm of the grips and replace it by another strip. / 試験の間にストライプが滑るかまたはグリップの10mm内で破断したストライプを除去し、他のストライプに置き換える。(USP5968000)

    $$ Said processing means may conveniently be adapted for measuring distances in said image in terms of pixels, and may be calibrated for converting such pixel distances into actual distances. / 前記加工手段は、前記イメージにおける画素間距離を測定できるように構成することができ、前記画素間距離を実際の距離にキャリブレーションするように構成することもできる。(USP7580137)

    $$ The second rotation elements 3a, 3b, 3c are all mounted at the same axial distance from the ends of the casing 2. / 第2回転部材3a、3b、3cは全て、ケーシング2の端部から軸までの距離が同一となるような位置に取り付けられている。(USP7650871)

    $$ As illustrated in FIG. 2, the on-screen position can vary depending on the measured distance of the patient from the fixation point. / 図2に示されるように、そのスクリーン上の位置は、患者の視点固定点からの測定された距離に依存して変化する。(USP8337019)

    $$ Two markers 44 are provided at predetermined distances from the first and second locations 18, 22. / 第1地点18と第2地点22から所定の距離をおいて、2つの目印44が設けられる。(USP7090586)

    $$ A range sensor 51 is mounted on the surface of the camera 47 and is operable to output a proximity signal when an object moves closer than 100 mm to the camera 47. / レンジセンサ51はカメラ47の表面上に装着され、オブジェクトがカメラ47から100nmよりも近くに移動するとき、近接信号を出力するように動作する。(USP6687389)

    $$ A substantial proportion of the silica generated in the flame deposits on the substrate which is slowly withdrawn (in direction Z) from the furnace, preferably maintaining a substantially constant burner-to-substrate distance. / 炎で発生したシリカの実質的な部分は基体上に堆積し、炉からゆっくりと回収され(Z方向に)、好ましくは実質的に一定のバーナー基体間距離を保持される。(USP6763682)


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  • 意匠と特許 (米国)

    最近、こんな記事をみかけました。2018年5月28日付 PATENTLY O (特許に関する有名なブログ:筆者は米国のロースクールの教授です。アップル社が、サムソンによる『3件の意匠権侵害』(U.S. Design Patent Nos. 618,677, 593,087, and 604,305)で認められた損害賠償額⇒5億3千万ドルくらい(580億円くらい)アップル社が、サムソンによる『2件の特許侵害』(U.S. Patent Nos. 7,469,381, 7,844,915, and 7,864,163)で認められた損害賠

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