• Guest Post: Fixing Patent Eligibility by Limiting Scope to Disclosed Embodiments

    Guest Post by Benjamin C. Stasa, Shareholder, Brooks Kushman PC, Southfield, Michigan and David C. Berry, Director, Patent Procurement Clinic, Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, Michigan

    The U.S. Supreme Court decisions in Alice[1] and Mayo[2], and subsequent attempts to apply those decisions, continue to create some uncertainty in the availability of patent protection for certain technical fields. Although recent guidance has somewhat clarified the issue, eligibility questions continue to vex practitioners, and reflect an all-or-nothing approach to patentability. As a result, commentators and national intellectual property law associations have proposed amending 35 U.S.C. §101. These proposals range from eliminating § 101[3] to amending the Patent Act to codify a broader definition of eligible subject matter.[4]

    We offer an alternative approach for amending § 101 to allow some range of patentability for inventions directed to judicially-recognized eligibility exceptions. Rather than attempting to redefine the line between eligible and ineligible subject matter (a revision that preserves the current all-or-nothing approach), we propose amending §101 to implement disclosure-based limits on the scope of claims directed to judicially-recognized exceptions (abstract ideas, laws of nature, and natural phenomena).

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  • New Reports says Engine, EFF are Shills for Google on Patent Reform

    Google’s efforts to decimate the U.S. patent system to protect its own interests is a fact of life that is becoming more clear day by day. The latest scathing report, published in May by the watchdog organization Campaign for Accountability, highlights Google’s unscrupulous activities in supporting the efforts of organizations like Engine Advocacy and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), organizations portraying themselves as advocates for smaller entities but instead attempt to influence…

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  • Federal Circuit Denies En Banc Review of Berkheimer and Aatrix

    By Michael Borella — One of the more substantive questions in the recent interpretation of what encompasses patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C. § 101 is whether facts should play any role in the analysis. The Supreme Court has not been perfectly clear on this issue, and the Federal Circuit appears to have taken both sides at various times. In last week’s denial of en banc review for two cases, the Federal Circuit answered with an emphatic “yes.” Thus, the question seems resolved. For now. Background It all started with Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank Int’l. There, the Supreme Court…

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  • Conference & CLE Calendar

    June 4-7, 2018 – BIO International Convention (Biotechnology Innovation Organization) – Boston, MA June 5, 2018 – “Functional Claiming for Software Patents: Leveraging Recent Court Treatment — Surviving 112(f) and Disclosing Functional Basis for Softw…

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  • 極めて



    $$ This may be in security imaging applications where things are very close to the imager. / これは物体が画像化装置に極めて近接する保安用画像化用途の場合であり得る。(USP6900756)

    $$ Because the ring shaped devices in accordance with the invention can be made very small, this means that the test sample sizes can be correspondingly small. / 本発明に係るリング状デバイスは、極めて小さく製造できるので、供試試料の大きさもそれ相応に小さくすることができる。(USP7598149)

    $$ The VCO 44 is a very low phase noise voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). / VCO44は、位相雑音が極めて小さい電圧制御発振器(VCO)である。(USP7592943)

    $$ Cellular telephone networks are now common place and give a very wide area of coverage. / セルラ電話網は今や平凡なものであり、極めて広い使用可能地域を与える。(USP6058304)

    $$ Therefore the reliability of the eluate path is extremely important. / 従って、溶離液経路の信頼性は極めて重要である。(USP7592605)

    $$ Furthermore, it would also be extremely advantageous to provide a means which enables skilled personnel in the building to locate other skilled personnel. / さらに、建物内の熟練者が他の熟練者の位置推定を行うことができる手段が配備されると極めて有利であり得る。(USP6201470)

    $$ FIG. 1 is a highly diagrammatic view of an automotive engine including a turbocharger system in accordance with the invention; / 【図1】本発明に係るターボチャージャシステムを有する自動車のエンジンの極めて概略的な図である。(USP7607302)

    $$ Such a high turn-down ratio is highly advantageous, since heat output can be controlled over a wide range. / このような高いターンダウン比は極めて有利である。なんとなれば、熱出力を広範囲に制御できるからである。(USP6250913)

    $$ The magnitude of the sound signal at the position P is calculated quite easily, since the sound at this position is due solely to the DPAA output. / 位置Pにおける音はDPAA出力によるものだけであるため、この位置における音響信号の大きさは極めて容易に計算することができる。(USP7577260)

    $$ The system provides an advantage over the prior art in that the emitting source can be made quite small and the resultant image does not suffer from glints where radiation is specularly reflected from materials in the scene. / このシステムでは、放射源を極めて小さくすることができ、得られる像の中に、放射が場面中の物から鏡面反射された箇所にグリントが生じないので、このシステムは従来技術と比べて有利である。(USP6453224)

    $$ In this configuration the elements of the static reflector lens (19) are now plane or much closer to being plane. / この構造においては静的反射器レンズ(19)の素子は平面板あるいは平面板に極めて近いものである。(USP6587246)

    $$ Thus, where a fault occurs in one cell of a row or column, there is a much higher probability of there being another fault manifest as a dysfunction in another cell in the same row or column. / かくして、故障が行または列の1つのセルに生じている場合には、同じ行または列の他のセルにおける機能不全として他の故障の兆候が生じる蓋然性が極めて高い。(USP6269455)

    $$ The present invention is typically much easier to print by any litho or digital printing system compared to the ‘292 invention,, as less layers and therefore less registration of layers is required. / 本発明は、より少ない層、それゆえ、より少ない層の刷り合わせしか必要とされないため、’292特許に係る発明と比べ、任意の石版又はデジタル印刷システムによって印刷するのが通常極めて容易である。(USP6212805)

    $$ The advantage of the embedded synchronous electrical machine is that it allows the complex mechanical transmission system to be removed, or greatly simplified, providing significant operational and efficiency benefits. / 内蔵型同期発電機の利点は、この同期発電機により複雑な機械的伝達システムが除去され、または極めて簡単になり、著しい動作上および効率上の利得を提供することである。(USP8653797)

    $$ It is well known in the literature that the absorption of polar molecules across mucosal membranes may be greatly improved if they are administered in combination with so-called "absorption enhancers". / 粘膜を通過する極性分子の吸収は、いわゆる“吸収促進剤”と併用して投与される場合は極めて改善されるであろうということは文献でよく知られている。(USP6465626)

    $$ Appropriate therapy demands a significantly high voltage, in excess of 1000 volts at a current in excess of 30 amps. / 適正な治療は、30アンペアを超える電流で1000ボルトを超す極めて高い電圧を必要とする。(USP8209007)

    $$ It can be seen that the plasma insulin level is significantly higher for the gelatin/chitosan microsphere formulation (Cmax =450 mU/L) as compared to the chitosan powder formulation (Cmax 250 mU/L). / キトサン粉末製剤(Cmax=250mU/l)と比較したとき、ゼラチン/キトサン微小球製剤の場合の血漿インスリンレベルは極めて高い(Cmax=450mU/1)ことが分かる。(USP6465626)

    $$ The process of the invention exhibits markedly increased selectivity for extraction of cannabinoids. / 本発明の方法は、カンナビノイドの抽出において、極めて高い選択性を示す。(USP7622140): markedly

    $$ The burner 10 shown in the drawing burns remarkably quietly, thanks to the highly stable flame. / 図示のバーナー10は、安定度の高い火炎なので極めて低音で燃焼する。(USP6250913): remarkably

    $$ It has now been found that superior dispersants can be made by partially replacing the ε-caprolactone used in the preparation of such dispersants by glycolic acid. / さて、このような分散剤の合成で用いられるε-カプロラクトンを、一部グリコール酸で置換えることにより極めて優れた分散剤を製造できることが見いだされた。(USPA03027873): superior


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  • Citing to Published Applications

    Citing to Published Applications

    by Dennis Crouch

    The chart below provides one view of prior art citations in utility patents over the past decade or so (Jan 2005 – May 2018). I divided up cited references into three broad categories: Top) Non-Patent Literature; Mid) US Patent Application Publications; and Low) All other US & Foreign Patent Documents. The chart shows per-patent averages for each of these categories grouped by patent issue year.

    There are two easy descriptive conclusions to draw from the cart: (1) Overall, the average number of cited references has continued to rise during this time period; and (2) while each category has grown, most of the growth is in the citation of US patent applications.

    The USPTO only began publishing applications in 2001 and so growth was expected. Published patent applications are especially useful because their timing of publication (18 months after filing) corresponds well with the prosecution timeline (First action at approximately 15 months).  For patent applications that never issue as patents, the publication does more than simply shift-back timing — those patent documents would have never entered the public domain.  I have not yet gone back to research what percentage of cited published applications fall into this second category of published-but-never-patented.

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