• iBIO Program on Post-Grant Challenges to Bio/Pharma Patents

    The Illinois Biotechnology Innovation Organization (iBIO) will be hosting a CLE breakfast on “The Influence of PTAB Proceedings on Bio/Pharma Patents” on June 19, 2018 at Horizon Pharma Inc. in Lake Forest, IL. Paula S. Fritsch and Alison J. Baldwin of McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP will discuss the following topics: • A review of how bio/pharma patents have fared before the PTAB; • An analysis of how PTAB proceedings are impacting ANDA and biosimilar litigations; • A discussion of strategies for petitioners and patent owners in IPRs and PGRs challenging bio/pharma patents; and • A discussion of how…

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  • Webinar on Post-Sale Restrictions

    Strafford will be offering a webinar entitled “Post-Sale Restrictions: Protecting Patented Products After Lexmark” on July 5, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:30 pm (EDT). Andrew Dolak of O’Melveny & Myers, and Audra C. Eidem Heinze and Timothy C. Meece of Banner & Witcoff will review the Supreme Court’s Lexmark decision and discuss the impact of the decision for the patent world, and provide insight into protecting patent products without post-sale restrictions. The webinar will review the following issues: • What implications does Lexmark have for patent practice? • What types of licenses are enforceable under contract law? • What strategies…

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  • Webcast on Patent Portfolio Management

    The Knowledge Group will offer a webcast entitled “Patent Portfolio Management: Best Practices in 2018″ on June 28, 2018 from 12:00 to 1:30 pm (ET). Van Thompson of TechInsights, Peter A. Nieves of Sheehan Phinney, and Christopher Daley-Watson Partner of Perkins Coie LLP will address the following topics: • Patent Portfolio Management: Practical Tips and Strategies • Significant Issues and Trends in 2018 • Opportunities and Legal Pitfalls • Common Risks and Pitfalls • What Lies Ahead The registration fee for the webcast is $99. Those interested in registering for the webinar can do so here.

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  • 経時変化・経時劣化・経時破壊



    $$ With time, particularly thick calluses can become cracked and painful. / 経時的に、特に厚い皮膚硬結は、ひび割れて痛みを伴う場合がある。(USP8540731)

    $$ Due to network variations, the amount of data in the client’s decoding buffer 41, measured in bytes, may vary with time. / ネットワーク変動のために、バイト単位で測定されるクライアントの復号バッファ41内のデータの量は経時的に変化してもよい。(USP8135852)

    $$ Furthermore, such electrode structures operate well at room temperature and do not significantly degrade with time. / さらに、そのような電極構造体は室温で上手く動作して、経時的に著しく劣化しない。(USP7619265)

    $$ A process as claimed in claim 10, in which the refinery feedstock(s) and/or fraction(s) is caused to flow over a plurality of resistively heated metal wire or mesh samples and the resistance change with time is measured to determine the rate of corrosion of said metal samples. / 精油所供給原料および/またはフラクションを複数の抵抗加熱金属ワイヤもしくはメッシュの試料にわたり流動させると共に、経時的に抵抗変化を測定して前記金属試料の腐食速度を決定する請求項10に記載の方法。(USP7589539)

    $$ The control factor (kc) is used to vary the torque with time over the starting test period. / 制御係数(kc)を用いて、始動テスト期間において経時的にトルクを変化させる。(USP6132010)

    $$ FIG. 4 shows the variation with time of the reference signal level of clutch engagement and accelerator pedal position during low speed manoeuvring. / 図4は、低速動作中におけるクラッチ係合位置及びアクセルペダル位置の基準信号レベルの時間的変動を示すグラフである。(USP5738609)

    $$ In this respect the example is somewhat simplified, since the desired engine speed would more typically change over time. / 所望のエンジン回転数はより一般的にはこの時間にわたり変化するので、この例は、この点においてやや簡略化されている。(USP8989970)

    $$ The temperature of the heated gas may also be varied over time. / また、加熱ガスの温度は、経時的に変えられても良い。(USP7622140)

    $$ The disruption of these yeast samples over time is shown in FIG. 4. / これらの酵母サンプルの経時的破壊を、図4に示す。(USP7608440)

    $$ The display 16 can be used to provide a visual indication of the current input signal value as well as a trace of its variation over time, warnings, normal and abnormal bands, etc. (USP6405155)

    $$ The material to be heated 22 is placed within the cavity on a turntable 24 which is used to average out over time any variations in the electric field that might exist within the material concerned. / 被加熱材22はこの空胴内のターンテーブル24の上に置かれ、ターンテーブル24は問題の材料に存在するかもしれない電界の経時変化を平均させるために使用される。(USPA01004075)

    $$ The servers would typically be procured independently of the network and may change and evolve over time without the necessity of the base network needing to be upgraded. / サーバは、典型的に網とは独立に調達され、基本的な網を改良する必要を生じさせることなく、時間と共に変化又は進化する。(USP6222843)

    $$ Temporal expression of PK1, PK2 and their receptors was assessed by real time (Taqman) quantitative RT-PCR. / PK1、PK2およびそれらのレセプターの経時的発現を、リアルタイム(Taqman)量的RT-PCRによって評価した。(USP7615210)

    $$ Image analysis may involve analysis of the shape of "time-intensity" curves representing the temporal development of pixel intensity of chosen points/regions of the subject image and may involve pharmacokinetic modelling. / 画像解析に際しては、『強度の時間変化』という曲線の形状の分析を行って、対象物画像のうちの選択されたポイント/領域の画素強度の経時変化を検証することができ、また、薬物動力学的モデリングを行うことができる。(USP7643670)

    $$ Thus, the pressure voltage Vp can be a time-varying voltage signal. / したがって、圧力電圧Vpは、経時変化電圧信号であってもよい。(USP8323264): time-varying

    $$ A time course of bacterial attachment and invasion was determined using only I-407 cells over a period of 5 hrs. / 細菌付着および侵入の経時的変化を、5時間の期間にわたり、I-407細胞でのみ測定した。(USP7235268): time course


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