• Federal Circuit Vacates PTAB Decision for Failure to Consider Ericsson Reply Brief

    In its decision, the Federal Circuit noted that the PTAB is entitled to strike arguments improperly raised in a reply brief under 37 CFR § 42.23(b). However, the appellate court disagreed that Ericsson raised a new theory in its reply brief and thus the Board erred in not considering those portions of the reply brief. “The Board’s error was parsing Ericsson’s arguments on reply with too fine of a filter,” the Federal Circuit found. Ericsson’s petition for IPR described how a person with…

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  • Fall Line Asserts Seemingly Invalid Patent Against a Host of Major Companies

    On August 15, 2018, Fall Line Patents, LLC asserted U.S. Patent No. 9,454,748 against a number of companies. Specifically, Fall Line alleged in nine separate lawsuits that the mobile applications provided by AMC Entertainment, McDonald’s, Boston Market, Panda Express, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Regal Cinemas, Starbucks, and Zoe’s Kitchen directly infringe at least Claim 1 of the ‘748 patent. All of the lawsuits were filed in the Eastern District of Texas and request permanent injunctions as well…

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  • 際 / 際して / 際に


    際 / 際して / 際に

    $$ However, upon release of the "volume up" key at time Tr(V+), AVC 12 has not yet sent a release message [REL] when it detects activation of the "volume down" key (IR signals "V-"). / しかし、時間Tr(V+)における「ボリュームアップ」キーの解放に際して、AVC12はそれが「ボリュームダウン」キーの作動を検出する場合(IR信号「V-」)に解放メッセージ[REL]をまだ送らない。(USP5479385)

    $$ Tear strip 23 is on the surface innermost when the blank is made up. / ブランクが組み上げられた際には、最内側表面上に、引裂ストリップ23が位置している。(USP6000539)

    $$ Various types of lift-recliner chairs have been developed, principally for the elderly and less physically able people, to provide assistance when moving out of the chair to a standing position. / 主に高齢者や体が不自由な人のために、椅子から出て起立姿勢へ至る際に援助を与えるため、様々なタイプのリフト・リクライニング椅子が開発されてきた。(USP7575279)

    $$ When the centrifuge is spun up, the device pivots about the axis of bosses 30, into a position in which the slide is vertical. / 遠心分離機が回転した際、装置はボス30を軸に回転し、それはスライドが垂直である位置である。(USP7575719)

    $$ This increases the power consumption of the display and can lead to non-uniformities of the display as the addressing signals change from one end of a line to the other. / これは、ディスプレイの電力消費を増加させ、アドレス指定信号がラインの一端から他に変化するに際してのディスプレイの非均質性に繋がり得る。(USP7053975)

    $$ The 3D data points on the surface may be used to display a wire-mesh or other type of pseudo-3D display on a computer screen, possibly in real-time as the surface is scanned. / d.体表面の三次元データ点を用いて、体表面が走査される際にリアルタイムにコンピュ ータ画面上で、金網状あるいは他のタイプの擬似三次元表示としてこれを表示する。(USP7576332)

    $$ In use, the article 6 is placed over the free-standing bulb 4 and the oven switched on. / 使用に際して、物品6は、支えなしに立設している球上に設けられ、オーブンにスイッチが入れられる。(USP6028315)

    $$ Thus, the Applicants, in making the present invention, have seen advantages in creating a remote access infrastructure which can serve a wide range of companies and markets, including energy usage measurement. / したがって本発明をなすに際して、出願人は、エネルギ利用の測定を含む広い範囲の会社およびマーケットに役立つ遠隔アクセス社会的生産基盤を生み出すことに利点を見い出した。(USP6073174)

    $$ The quartz ware was complex, not easy to use and vulnerable in application. / 石英は複雑であり、使用が容易でなく、適用に際して壊れ易かった。(USP6375739)

    $$ Significantly, the D-enantiomers of all three compounds were substantially less active (if at all) in providing neuroprotective activity than the L-enantiomers. / 有意には、3つの化合物すべてのDエナンチオマーは神経保護活性の提供に際して、(少しでもある場合は)L-エナンチオマーより実質的に低い活性であった。(USP6797699)

    $$ There is flexibility in assessing the criteria for call acceptance. / 呼受入れの基準を査定する際に柔軟性がある。(USP7006435)

    $$ In the previous embodiment, is little or no relative movement in establishing a join between the flexible edges of the racetrack 16, 154 and the turf tray 12, 158 when they have been in contact. / 先の実施形態では、競争路16,154と芝トレイ12,158の可撓性縁部が接触している場合、これらの縁部の間に接続部を確立する際に相対的移動はほとんど又は全く存在しない。(USP7090586)

    $$ In the tests, 800 ml of brine solution (1.65 M NaCl, 0.021 M CaCl2.2H2O and 0.009 M MgCl2.6H2O in deionised water) was put in the glass flask and the carbon electrodes fitted. / 試験の際は、800mlのブライン溶液(イオン除去水中1.65M NaCl, 0.021 M CaCl2.2H2O及び0.009M MgCl2.6H2O)をガラスフラスコに入れ、炭素電極を取り付けた。(USP7285519)

    $$ The mean diameter (dmean) is calculated by calculating the average diameter of all the image samples in a complete rotation of the cigarette 10 about its axis 16. / 平均直径dmeanは、軸16の周りに巻きタバコ10を一回転させた際に得た総てのイメージサンプルにおける平均直径を計算することにより得る。(USP7580137)$$ In operation, filtered, deionised cooling water passes through the water jacket. / 運転の際には、濾過され脱塩された冷却水がその水ジャケット42を通過する。(USP5434880)

    $$ The Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) requests comments from the public regarding interim supplemental examination guidelines to be used by office personnel in their review of patent applications to determine when 35 U.S.C. 112 para. 6 should be applied to a given claim limitation. / 特許商標局(PTO)は、米国特許法第112条第6節がどの時点でクレーム限定に適用されるかを決定すべく、特許出願の検討の際に特許局職員により用いられる予定の中間補助ガイドラインについて、一般より意見を募集します。(USPTO-NOTICE-1)

    $$ By providing the controllable equipment with control structure definitions for that equipment, which control structure definitions can be transmitted on request to the control unit, it is possible for a general purpose control unit to be programmed in use to act as if it were a dedicated control unit for the controllable equipment currently connected to it. / 制御可能な装置に制御可能な装置用制御構成定義を提供することにより、また要求により制御構成定義が制御ユニットに送られることにより、汎用制御ユニットを使用する際に、現在それに接続されている制御可能な装置用の専用制御ユニットであるかのように作用するようプログラムすることが可能である。(USP5537605)

    $$ This can be especially useful where the ligand and/or binding partner change conformation on binding, allowing the model to take account of this in the design of the mimetic. / これは特に、リガンド及び/又は結合相手が結合に際してコンホーメーションを変え、模倣物の設計においてモデルがこの点を採用することを可能にする場合に有用である。(USP6242175)

    $$ For an individual customer (e.g. on dial-up access), a practical point at which to measure would also be alongside the network layer but in their end-system’s stack (e). / (例えば、ダイヤルアップアクセスの際に)個々の顧客において、測定実行点は、ネットワーク層と一緒であるが、エンドシステムのスタック(e)内である。(USP7319673)

    $$ Furthermore, the rapid heating of the metal salt solution on contact with the much hotter supercritical H2O stream instantaneously causes particles to form. / さらに、よりいっそう高温の超臨界H2O流と接触した際の金属塩溶液の急激な加熱により、粒子の形成が瞬時的に起こる。(USP7566436)

    $$ During installation of an antenna an installer will first connect the meter to the LNB of the antenna by way of a suitable lead. / アンテナの設置の際に、設置者は第1に好適なリードによってメータをアンテナのLNBに接続する。(USP6661373)

    $$ The side wall spacer 32 may be removed during the formation of the contact hole 44. / このコンタクトホール44の形成に際して側壁スペーサ32を除去する事ができる。(USP5541434)

    $$ For air at atmospheric pressure, the ionisation potential gradient is 30 kV/cm, and accordingly the maximum potential gradient using air as fluidising gas at atmospheric pressure should be below 30 kV/cm. / 大気圧の空気の場合、イオン化電位勾配は30kV/cmであり、従って、大気圧の空気を流動ガスとして用いる際には最大電位勾配を30kV/cmよりも小さくすべきである。(USP7041340): ~ing

    $$ A gas source 39 is provided connected to the loop 36 to allow for additional gas to be supplied in the case of system cooling. / ガス源39にはループ36が接続され、システムを冷却する際には追加のガスを供給する。(USP6239957): case


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  • Undisclosed Conflict of Interest Causes Unenforceable Arbitration Clause, Disgorgement of Some Fees

    Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, LLP v. J-M Mfg. Co. __ P.3d __ (Cal. Aug. 30, 2018) has been on a lot of people’s radar for while.  Boiled down, the firm represented a J-M Mfg., in a qui tam action against a number of public entities while representing one of the public entities in an unrelated and small matter.  The firm billed 10,000 hours in the qui tam action and 12 to the public entity, South Tahoe.

    South Tahoe moved to disqualify the firm, and that motion was granted over the firm’s argument that South Tahoe had agreed to a broad waiver of conflicts long before the matter for J-M had even existed.

    Later, J-M refused to pay the final $1 million of the $3 million the firm had billed it.  The firm sought arbitration in accordance with its fee agreement  with J-M, which also contained a broad waiver clause. In response, opposed arbitration and J-M sought disgorgement of the $2 million it had paid, since the firm had earned it while having a conflict of interest.

    J-M was forced to arbitrate and the arbitrators found in the firm’s favor, though stating the firm should have disclosed the conflict.  

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  • Appellant Barkan loses at CAFC on case from ED Texas

    The appellant lost, but did make a point:

    Barkan Wireless Access Technologies, L.P. appeals
    the district court’s construction of the term “Access Point,”
    under which Appellee Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon
    Wireless concededly does not infringe the asserted

    We determine that the district court erred by concluding
    that the patents expressly define “ Access
    Point,” but we nevertheless affirm the district court’s ultimate decision.

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  • 2019 Mark T. Banner Award for Contribution to Intellectual Property Law

    2019 Mark T. Banner Award for Contribution to Intellectual Property Law

    Mark Banner was one of the best IP lawyers in the nation.  At his untimely death in 2007, I wrote that he had been generous and helpful to me in my first few years of practice in Chicago — and that he had been an occasional Patently-O contributor.

    The ABA IP Section has established an annual award in Banner’s honor:

    This award in honor of the late Mark T. Banner will be presented to an individual or group that has made an impact on intellectual property law and/or practice. Candidates will have expressed a clear passion and enthusiasm for, and advanced the practice, profession, and/ or substance of, IP law through extraordinary contributions to, among other things, teaching, scholarship, innovation, legislation, advocacy, bar or other association activities, or the judiciary. The award is open to the widest range of individuals and there is no requirement to be a lawyer or ABA member. Self nominations are welcome.

    Nominations for the 2019 Award are now Open

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  • Refund from Paper-Filing during USPTO Outages

    The USPTO has published a notice explaining the procedures for obtaining a refund for extra-fees paid by patent applicants and others during its recent “significant unplanned electronic business system outage.”

    An application filed by the alternative electronic means prescribed in this notice during a designated significant unplanned electronic business system outage will be considered to have been filed by the USPTO’s electronic filing system, and thus will not incur the fee required by section 10(h) of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act for a patent application not filed by the USPTO’s electronic filing system.

    The basics for a refund:

    1. File a copy of the application via EFS-Web (or the “Patent Center”) as a “follow-on paper in the application.”
    2. The EFS-Web application must include a statement that it is a “true copy of the original application as filed by the alternative filing method during the designated significant unplanned electronic business system outage.


    1. The copy of the application should not be filed until applicant has received either a filing receipt or other USPTO notice identifying the application number assigned to the application.
    2. The copy must be then filed within “(1) One month from the date a filing receipt is first issued for the application, and be accompanied by a request for refund, if the non-electronic filing fee has been paid; or (2) the expiration of the period for reply to a notice requiring payment of the non-electronic filing fee (e.g., a notice to file missing parts under 37 CFR 1.53(f)) if the non-electronic filing fee has not been paid.”

    Read the notice here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/08/30/2018-18897/filing-patent-applications-electronically-during-designated-significant-outages-of-the-united-states


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  • Board Decision Vacated Due to §315 Time-Bar Despite USPTO Intervention

    The Federal Circuit recently issued a decision that once again addressed the issue of whether an IPR was time-barred. The Court vacated the final written decision of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“the Board”) with respect to one of challenged patents because it was time-barred and affirmed the Board’s decision that two other claims from two different patents were invalid as being obvious.See Luminara Worldwide, LLC v. Iancu, Nos. 2017-1629, 2017-1631, 2017-1633, 2018 U.S. App. LEXIS 22836…

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  • Design Patents — Looking for More in 2018

    Design Patents — Looking for More in 2018

    by Dennis Crouch

    The chart below shows the number of design patents granted each calendar year (orange) going back to 1993.  The figures for 2018 are current through the end of August 2018. 2018 figures have also been extrapolated to the end of the calendar year — predicting an all-time-high of 31,000+ design patents issued in 2018.  In the shadow-grey background the chart also shows the number of design patent applications filed each year as reported by the PTO (These applications are ordinarily kept secret unless the application results in a patent).

    Take away: More design patents than ever, but I don’t know if we are progressing?

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  • BlackBerry Ltd. v. Facebook, Inc. (C.D. Cal. 2018)

    Claims for Displaying Message Timing Data Found Patent Ineligible By James Korenchan — Last week, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled that claims related to providing time data for messages communicated between electronic devices in a messaging conversation are patent ineligible under 35 U.S.C. § 101. Back in March, BlackBerry Limited (“BlackBerry”) filed suit against Facebook, Inc., WhatsApp, Inc., Instagram, Inc., and Instagram, LLC (collectively, “Facebook Defendants”), alleging infringement of nine patents. BlackBerry then sued Snap, Inc. (“Snap”) a month later alleging infringement of six of those nine patents. The Defendants in each of these…

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  • 差/差異/相違



    $$ No significant difference can be seen for strain 14 although limited attached was seen for this strain in the prese…

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  • Open Internet Saves Accused Copyright Infringer from Liability

    Open Internet Saves Accused Copyright Infringer from Liability

    Cobbler Nevada, LLC v. Gonzales (9th Cir. 2018)

    This copyright lawsuit involves cute Adam Sandler movie titled The Cobbler.  In the movie, Sandler’s character free-rides off of the experiences of others by using a magical shoe-cobbling machine.  The movie copyright holders did not reciprocate that freedom when American Pirates began downloading and distributing the movie through BitTorrent.

    Cobbler-Nevada was able to trace the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with the infringing activity and then filed suit in a John Doe lawsuit.  Comcast responded to a subpoena in the case with information that the IP address was assigned to its customer Thomas Gonzales.   The Copyright holder then amended its complaint to name Gonzales — accusing him of copyright infringement as well as contributory copyright infringement (for failing to secure his internet connection).  Note here that Gonzales operates an adult care home and that the internet service was open to residents and visitors.

    The appeal here focuses on the pleadings and whether the complaint states a claim.  In Iqbal, the Supreme Court explained that a complaint must be plausible — allegation of plausible facts that create a plausible “entitlement to relief.”  Reviewing the allegations here, the 9th Circuit found that the facts alleged against Gonzalez here are “not enough to raise a right to relief above a speculative level.” (quoting Twombly).

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  • Fair Trade with China Enforcement Act

    S.3361 – Fair Trade with China Enforcement ActA BILL To safeguard certain technology and intellectual property in the United States from export to or influence by the People’s Republic of China and to protect United States industry from unfair competition by the People’s Republic of China, and for other purposes.

    Sen. Marco Rubio has proposed this bill whose primary patent-focused clause reads as follows: The Secretary of Commerce shall prohibit the export to the People’s Republic of China of any national security sensitive technology or intellectual property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States or exported by any person subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

    Link to Congress.gov



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