• Intellectual Property Considerations and Guidance for Start-Ups: Patents

    Intellectual property probably isn’t high on the to-do list for most new nonprofits and business start-ups. There’s plenty enough to do with setting up an organization, paying bills, and serving customers and clients. However, intellectual property is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Companies and organizations that don’t protect their IP can risk losing hard-earned work and concepts. Also, companies can risk liability if they violate the IP rights of others, even unknowingly or by…

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  • Webinar on Diagnose & Treat Patent Claims

    Technology Transfer Tactics will be offering a webinar entitled “Preparing ‘Diagnose & Treat’ Patent Claims to be Valid and Enforceable” on October 24, 2018 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm (ET). Charles R. Macedo, Alan D. Miller, and Brian J. Amos will address the following topics: • State of the law on patent-eligibility and divided infringement • Review of recent cases involving single and two-actor method claims, including: — Cleveland Clinic Foundation v. True Health Diagnostics LLC — Eli Lilly & Co. v. Teva Parenteral Medicines Inc. — Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc. v. West-Ward Pharmaceuticals • Sample form of claims that straddle…

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  • Kavanaugh proceedings on 27 Sept 18 and the statute of limitations on attempted rape

    From time to time, laches issues arise in patent law. The discussion of “statute of limitations” in the Kavanaugh matter was of interest.

    In an article titled Why Maryland police aren’t investigating the Kavanaugh allegations the Washington Post addresses the issue of the relevant statute of limitations which arose during the Senate proceeding on 27 September 2018.

    The article confirms that, presently, there is no “statute of limitations” on attempted rape, now a felony:

    The Maryland legislature changed the law in 1996, making attempted rape a felony and removing the statute of limitations, according to McCarthy and Jordan.

    HOWEVER, the relevant law would be as it existed at the time of the crime, which was before 1996:

    “But we’d have to apply the law as it existed at the time of the allegations,” McCarthy said.


    As a misdemeanor, the offense carried a one-year statute of limitations, meaning charges would have had to be filed within a year of an incident, according to John McCarthy, Montgomery County’s longtime chief prosecutor. Lisae C. Jordan, the executive director and counsel for the Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and other longtime Maryland lawyers interviewed in recent days concurred.

    A separate issue of interest was the matter of the leak, brought up by Senators Cruz and Cornyn. Senator Feinstein emphatically denied leaking, by herself or by her staff. A semantic issue may be the distinction between the actual letter itself compared to the factual contents of the letter. The DailyMail gave a bit of a timeline:

    JULY 6: Christine Ford sends a letter to Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) alleging that she was sexually assaulted in high school by Brett Kavanaugh, a leading contender to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy. Ford also sends a text about the incident to the Washington Post. The assault allegedly took place in the early 1980s, when Ford was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17.

    JULY 6 to JULY 8: Christine Ford tells ‘beach friends’ in California for the first time that she was assaulted by Kavanaugh and asks for advice on whether to go public.

    JULY 9: President Donald Trump nominates Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. After the announcement, a staffer in Rep. Eshoo’s office calls Ford to discuss her allegations against Kavanaugh.

    JULY 10: Ford contacts the Washington Post for the second time, and gets a response. She starts having conversations with a reporter at the paper off the record via WhatsApp. The app is encrypted, meaning its contents cannot be access by a third party. To use it, Ford’s phone number would be known to the Washington Post.

    The “public” report did not appear until September:

    Grim’s story [ Ryan Grim isthe D.C. bureau chief for The Intercept ], which ran on Sept. 12, reported that Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ‘have privately requested to view a Brett Kavanaugh-related document’ held by Feinstein. The story noted that Feinstein had rejected the requests.

    Text from the DailyMail.
    See https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6219515/New-questions-leaked-Christine-Fords-explosive-accusation-Brett-Kavanaugh.html

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  • 支援



    $$ The function of the electrode modifying layer includes assistance of hole injection and planarisation of the anode. / 電極改質層…

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  • Quote of the day: GUST v. ALPHACAP

    The quote of the day comes from today’s opinion in Gust v. Alphacap, __ F.3d __ (Fed. Cir. 2018)(slip op. at page 11): Our case law recognizes that there is no bright line exclusion of software patents or business method patents from patent eligibility. Ultramercial, Inc. v. Hulu, LLC, 772 F.3d 709, 715 (Fed. Cir. […]

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  • Federal Circuit Reverses $234 Million Judgment Against Apple

    The opinion in Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation v. Apple Inc. is available here.  The Federal Circuit reverses for lack of infringement–so no new law on, or even discussion of, damages.  But a big win for Apple! 
    In other news, in Gust, Inc. v. Alphacap Ventures LLC the court reverses an award of fees and costs made pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1927.   I’m a little pressed for time today, but I might have more to say about this one next week.
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  • An Abdication of Collective Responsibility by the Federal Circuit

    The Federal Circuit has often demanded some technical advantage under § 101 when none is required by U.S. patent law. The Federal Circuit has also made § 101 more burdensome, unpredictable and subjective than an obviousness determination under § 103, and § 101 is supposed to be a threshold test that acts to weed out only the most egregious attempts to patent fundamental principles. § 101 was never meant to weed out whole new areas of technology, particularly not nascent technologies. But that…

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  • PTAB Upholds Kamatani Cloud Patent Challenged by Unified Patents

    Last week the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) entered a final written decision terminating an inter partes review (IPR) proceeding that had challenged a patent owned by technology licensing company Kamatani Cloud. According to the PTAB, petitioner Unified Patents failed to show by a preponderance of evidence that any of the challenged claims of the patent were invalid on obviousness ground under 35 U.S.C. § 103. “We are delighted with the PTAB’s decision in this matter,” Shanahan…

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  • PTAB Upholds Kamatani Cloud Patent Challenged by Unified Patents

    Last week the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) entered a final written decision terminating an inter partes review (IPR) proceeding that had challenged a patent owned by technology licensing company Kamatani Cloud. According to the PTAB, petitioner Unified Patents failed to show by a preponderance of evidence that any of the challenged claims of the patent were invalid on obviousness ground under 35 U.S.C. § 103. “We are delighted with the PTAB’s decision in this matter,” Shanahan…

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  • Matal v. Tam: What’s New and What to Watch in Registration of Disparaging, Immoral, and Scandalous Trademarks

    Many other related issues remain ripe for consideration in Brunetti and future cases. Most significantly, are trademarks considered “commercial speech?”  If so, laws relating to trademarks might be subject to relaxed scrutiny for constitutional compliance rather than strict scrutiny… While Tam settled some issues related to The Slants, the Washington Redskins, and D*kes on Bikes, the decision’s full impact remains to be seen.  Brunetti seems to be a promising avenue for the Supreme Court to…

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  • 使役動詞



    $$ Also, one or more of the waveguide channels may extend to at least one edge of the wafer whereby the one or more channels may be brought into communication with channels formed in further wafers. / また、1または1以上の導波チャンネルは、ウェーハーの少なくとも一方の端に伸びることができ、これにより1または1以上の導波チャンネルはさらなるウェーハーに形成されたチャンネルに結合することができる。(USP6229411)

    $$ The experimental results in FIG. 9 show a selection of the nine images, brought into focus by moving the detector along the optical axis. / 図9におけるその実験結果には、光軸に沿った検出器の移動によって、焦点を結んだ9つの像の選択が示されている。(USP6975457)

    $$ However, many upright vacuum cleaners are convertible into cylinder cleaners by way of a hose and wand assembly which can optionally be brought into operation in place of the ground-engaging cleaning head. / しかしながら、多くの直立型電気掃除機は、床と係合する掃除ヘッドの代わりに随意に作動させることができるホース・ワンド・アセンブリにより筒型電気掃除機に変換可能である。(USP7000288)

    $$ If it does, then the input signals should be limited to bring the level down to the FSDL. / 越える場合には、入力信号はレベルをFSDLへ下げるように制限しなければならない。(USP7577260)

    $$ Having measured the diameter of the one end-most reference object 430, the belt drive 412 is then operated to bring the camera 222 into alignment with the middle reference object 430, and its diameter is measured. / 1つの最も端の基準物体430の直径を測定すると、次いでベルト駆動装置412は、カメラ222を中間基準物体430と整列するように持って行くよう作動され、そしてその直径が測定される。(USP7577286)

    $$ This avoids any need to bring the image storing device to an empty state by reading out the device or otherwise erasing it prior to exposure. / これにより、画像記憶素子は素子を読み出すことにより、あるいは感光に先行して消去することにより空状態にされる必要がない。(USP6157409)


    –>CAUSE TO-V

    $$ It is well known that the corrosion of rebars may be inhibited or prevented by causing the rebars to become cathodic, that is corrosion may be inhibited or prevented by application of so-called cathodic protection to the rebars. / 強化用バーを陰極性にすることによって強化用バーの腐食を禁止または防止できること、即ち、強化用バーに所謂「陰極防蝕」を施すことによって腐食を抑制または防止できることは良く知られている。(USP5364511)

    $$ This may be effected by causing the print head to print a sample imprint which is sent to the data centre.(USPA02060708)

    $$ Of course, the processor 23 can be arranged to bypass the viewer entirely by responding to a suitable command signal by causing the modem to connect to the specified number.(USPA02042917)

    $$ When the TV key 65 is pressed the processor 62 responds by causing the transmitter 64 to transmit a command to the decoder to enter a standby mode in which signals are not transmitted via the SCART interface 20 (i.e. SCART pin 8 to the TV is set low).(USPA02042917)

    $$ However, because it is undesirable to have the light appear to flicker it is important to keep the repetition rate above the critical fusion frequency for an observer (which may typically be 70-90 Hz. (USP6087786)

    $$ In still another embodiment, the present invention includes an "overprint" function, which allows for all color attributes of a selected object to have an overprint option enabled. (USP6970175) ~を可能にする

    $$ Accordingly, the guard ring 21 may, if desired, have a different dopant concentration from that of the second regions 7 and may for example have a dopant concentration closer to that of the conduction channel defining regions 11. / 従って、ガードリング21は、必要に応じ、第2領域7と異なるドーパント濃度にすることができ、例えば導通チャネル形成領域11に近いドーパント濃度にすることができる。(USP5387528)


    letを使役動詞として使う場合は、let sb do sth, let sb have sth, let sth do sthの形をとるようである。

    $$ This lets the mechanism cope with slight misalignments. / これによって、本機構がわずかな不整合にも対処することができる。(USP8446677)

    $$ …it is desired to be able to connect a PC to the IFB and let the PC share the Internet connection through the IFB.(USPA01000301)

    $$ For the sake of this example, let the path go through A.3.1 and A.3.4. The DTL for this path is: (USP5831975);数式で使用する

    $$ [0644] let d’s barrier link be f’s parent frame.(USPA02029357)

    $$ This makes implementing memory in another simulator undesirable.(USP6691301)

    $$ This example is provided only to make the concepts being discussed more concrete, the invention is not limited to any particular application area of FPGA chips.(USPA01037458)

    $$ In order to make the process more or less likely to achieve the above result, the length of and number of stages in the above sequence can be varied between changes to the mesh configuration.(USPA02042274)

    $$ Polyoxyalkylene diol residues can be used to render the adhesive formed therefrom moisture vapour transmitting. / ポリオキシアルキレンジオール残基は、ポリオキシアルキレンジオールから形成された接着剤を透湿性にするために用いることができる。(USP6610762)

    $$ Thus, the vertical spatial frequency components of the image are not rendered non-transmittable by the limited bandwidth of the eventual transmission signal format. / したがって、画像の垂直空間周波数成分は、最後の帯域幅が制限された送信信号のフォーマットにより送信不能となることはない。(USP6754433)

    $$ For example, the surface may be functionalised to render it hydrophobic, thereby allowing dispersion in a non-polar carrier liquid. / 例えば、表面を官能化してそれを疎水性にすることができ、これによって非極性担体液体への分散が可能となる。(USP6815063)

    $$ This renders the technique more robust to the presence of statistical outliers. / これは、統計的な局外物に対して、技術をより頑健なものとする。(USP7124022)

    $$ Said outer layer may have a significantly different colour or shade from the other section, rendering said edge visible. / 前記チッピング層は、セクション毎に異なる陰影を有し、前記端部を認識できるように構成されている。(USP7580137)


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