• World Health Summit Berlin: New Global Action Plan; Gates And Merkel To Open Global Challenges

    BERLIN — Ten years after establishing the Berlin World Health Summit, the M8 alliance of medical institutes around the globe sees some noticeable progress in political commitment to the health agenda. “Gifts” presented at the opening ceremony yesterday in the German capital include the announcement of German Health Minister Jens Spahn to establish a Hub for Global Health and step up its financial contributions to the World Health Organization (WHO) to 115 million euros over the next four years. The three-day summit also will receive a global action plan to catch up with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 on health and well-being for all.

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  • Western Tennessee Judge Denies Spotify’s Motions to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Claims Brought by Bluewater Music

    U.S. District Judge Jon McCalla of the Western District of Tennessee recently issued an order denying motions made by interactive streaming music provider Spotify to dismiss a case including copyright infringement claims brought by independent music publisher and copyright administration company Bluewater Music Corporation. Judge McCalla’s order determined Bluewater has standing for all 2,142 music compositions it has asserted based on ownership or an exclusive license of the works. Given…

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  • Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2018)

    By Donald Zuhn — Last month, in Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Federal Circuit affirmed a decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey finding that U.S. Patent Nos. 7,722,898; 7,910,131; and 8,821,930 were not invalid and would be infringed by Defendants-Appellants TWi Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and TWi International LLC, DBA TWi Pharmaceuticals. The ‘898, ‘131, and ‘930 patents are owned by Plaintiff-Appellee Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Seeking approval to market generic versions of Oxtellar XR®, an oxcarbazepine extended-release tablet for treatment of partial epilepsy seizures in adults and children over the age of six,…

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  • ~した~は、



    (STH PP)
    $$ The arrangement shown will give a slightly lower antenna gain at an edge 36 of the coverage owing to the feed horn boresight lateral translation. / 示した配置は、給電ホーンのボアサイト横方向平行移動のために、受信可能範囲の端36で、わずかに低いアンテナ利得を与える。(USP8674893)

    $$ Air trapped and entrained within the load will prevent this necessary steam penetration. / 被滅菌物内に捕捉され混入した空気は、この必要な水蒸気の浸透を妨げるおそれがある。(USP7608219)

    $$ Although the coatings generated are not usually coherent self supporting films, the term "film forming" for corrosion inhibitors is widely used in this art and is used herein to describe such corrosion inhibitors. / 生成した薄膜は、普通は密着した自己支持性フィルムではないが、腐食防止剤についての“フィルム形成性”なる語はこの技術では広範に使用され、ここでこの様な腐食防止剤を説明するのに使用される。(USP7285519)

    $$ In the example shown in FIG. 2, the search topic represented by a centrally placed node 200. / 図2に示した例では、サーチトピックは中心に位置したノード200によって表わされる。(USP6424968)

    $$ It has been found that the benefits indicated above in relation to FIG. 3 can be achieved with mixtures containing between 5 and 20% of the titanium oxide. / 図3に関連して上記した効果は、5ないし20%の酸化チタンを含む混合物によって達成できることが分かった。(USP5441832)

    $$ Signals based on the SDH contain a type of parity data (BIP, or "byte interleaved parity") which is used in this way. / SDHを基にした信号は、このように使用されるタイプのパリティデータ(BIP:バイト・インターリーブ・パリティ)により構成されている。(USP5533005)

    (PP STH)
    $$ Manufactured objects often have to conform to dimensional and/or geometrical tolerances. / 製造した物体は、寸法的及び(又は)幾何学的許容公差に順応しなければならないことが多々ある。(USP7891248)

    $$ This is because GaN based materials tend to be resistant to wet chemical etching. / その理由は、GaNをベースとした材料は、湿式の化学エッチングに耐性があるからである。(USP7598149)

    $$ The above-mentioned pivot may comprise a boss provided on said associated rigid routing member which is push-fittable to said adjacent rigid routing member. / 上述したピボットは、前記隣接剛性搬送部材に押嵌め自在な前記関連した剛性搬送部材に設けられたボスからなっていてもよい。(USP6418264)

    (ADJ STH)
    $$ Close coupling of the vent tube and refrigerator sock has a number of other advantages. / 通気管と冷凍機ソックスとの近接した結合は、多数の他の利点を有する。(USP8650889)

    $$ Another suitable solvent is acetone. / 他の適した溶媒はアセトンである。(USP7622140)

    $$ The fact that the highest frequency showed least disruption may be due to less efficient matching to the amplifier for the low impedances at this frequency. / 最も高い周波数が最も低い破壊を示した事実は、この周波数における低インピーダンスに対する増幅器への、より低効率のマッチングのためであり得る。(USP7608440): sth that S+V

    $$ During all of this construction the tube 6 containing the ion exchange to column 7 is not in place within the shielded container 5. / これらの組立作業を通して、イオン交換カラム7を収容した管6は、遮蔽容器5内の定位置にはない。(USP7592605): sth V-ing


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  • Waymo Patent Asserted Against Uber Suffers Setback in Reexamination

    he U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a final office action in an ex parte reexamination of a patent owned by Google self-driving car development subsidiary Waymo. As a result of the reexamination, Waymo stands to lose 53 of 56 claims, including all 20 of the patent claims originally issued. The patent in question had been asserted as part of the company’s well-known infringement suit filed against Uber.

    The post Waymo Patent Asserted Against Uber Suffers Setback in Reexamination appeared…

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  • A Realistic Perspective on post-Alice Software Patent Eligibility

    Much of the havoc wrought in the software patent system by the landmark decision Alice v. CLS Bank International, 134 S. Ct. 2347 (2014) stems from the unworkable two-part patent eligibility test based on vaguely defined and nebulous Abstract idea and significantly more constructs… In a patent eligibility landscape riddled with Alice-based rejections and invalidation it behooves patent practitioner and applicants alike to appreciate that not every innovation that achieves “a new, useful, and…

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