• South Africa Parliament Passes Sweeping Copyright Bill; Final Step Expected In New Year

    South Africa’s National Assembly this week approved redrafted versions of the Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill and the Copyright Amendment Bill that includes stronger protections for copyright holders but also a fair use provision preserving some exceptions. But there is still an additional hurdle to go before it reaches the President for signature, likely in the New Year.

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  • Personal Jurisdiction is Not Established by Prior Lawsuit or Sending Infringement Notice Letters

    The Federal Circuit recently affirmed the District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee’s dismissal of a declaratory judgment action based on a finding of lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendant. The Federal Circuit held that a defendant’s request for an injunction in a different forum, which may extend into the present forum if granted, does satisfy the “minimum contacts” prong of the test for personal jurisdiction. The Federal Circuit also made a distinction between (1) merely…

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  • CAFC Overturns Preliminary Injunction on Generic Suboxone Film Over Newman Dissent

    The Federal Circuit issued a nonprecedential decision in Indivior Inc. v. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, S.A., which vacated a preliminary injunction handed out by the District of New Jersey in a Hatch-Waxman patent infringement case brought by British pharmaceutical firm Indivior. The Federal Circuit panel majority concluded that the district court had abused its discretion in granting the injunction. The majority found that the ‘305 patent’s specification disparaged, and therefore disclaimed, the…

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  • Report: Core Copyright Industries Add $1.3 Trillion To US Economy

    Core copyright industries have contributed more than $1.3 trillion to US gross domestic product (GDP) in 2017, and accounted for 6.85% of the US economy. They employed nearly 5.7 million workers in 2017, accounting for 3.85% of the entire US workforce, or 4.54% of total private employment in the United States, according to the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA)’s “Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy: The 2018 Report.”

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  • How many new judgeships would it take?

    I was looking at all the Rule 36 decisions issued today and wondering how many new federal judgeships it would take to cure the Federal Circuit’s Rule 36 dilemma.  I suppose that if quite a few judgeships need to be created to keep up with the current load that Congress might start taking a hard […]

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  • Female inventor Nan Grey

    Back in August 2008, IPBiz noted the anniversary of the patent to Hedy Lamarr [ August 11 is the anniversary of Hedy Lamarr’s patent (US 2,292,387); see http://ipbiz.blogspot.com/2008/08/august-11-anniversary-of-hedy-lamarrs.html ]. IPBiz also noted…

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  • 順に




    (IN TURN)
    $$ The scanner may scan cones 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66 etc in turn. / スキャナは円錐形60、61、62、63、64、65、及び66などと順に走査することも可能である。(USP6900756)

    $$ These will be considered in turn, although the essential elements of the present invention lie in the solution to the problem of decoder buffer occupancy. / これらは順に考慮され、本発明の必須要素は復号器バッファ占有量の問題を解消することにある。(USP6229851)

    $$ IP Severity refers to severity of intermodulation products, the configurations shown in Table 1 being ranked in ascending order of anticipated relative level of IPs from 1 to 6, with level 6 being the highest severity. / IP Severityは、相互変調積の有害度を示し、表1に示されている構成は、昇順に、1から6のIPの予想相対レベルを順位付けし、レベル6は、最も高い有害度である。(USP8269668)

    $$ At the end of this time, the resin was filtered and washed, in that order, with 10 ml of dimethylformamide, 5 ml of methanol and finally twice, each time with 10 ml of methylene chloride. / この終了時点で、樹脂を濾過し、10mlのジメチルホルムアミド、5mlのメタノールの順序で洗浄し、最終的に2回繰り返して、そのたびに10mlの塩化メチレンを用いた。(USP6797699)

    $$ It simply ranks the partial usages of channels in descending order and then reads down the list, allocating every channel, until demand is met. / 解抽出装置は単に、チャンネルの部分的な使用を降下順に格付けし、リストを読んで、需要が満たされるまで、全てのチャンネルを割り当てる。(USP6539228)

    $$ The dialling number itself is stored in a nibble-swapped coding format, that is to say that, in each byte, the nibbles are coded in reverse order. / ダイヤル番号自体は、各バイトでニブルが逆順にコード化されるニブルスワップコーディングフォーマットで記憶される。(USP6501962)

    $$ When the "title" listing is selected a list of events for the next 48 hours is displayed in alphabetical order. / 「タイトル」のリストを選択すると、次の48時間の事象のリストがアルファベット順に表示される。(USPA02042917)

    $$ We would typically present the routes sorted in order of goodness, which conveniently means that the first one will be the globally optimum route with goodness 99. / 我々は通常、「良好性」の順にソートされたルートを提示する。そして、それは好都合なことに、第1のものが良好性99を有するグローバルに最適ルートであることを意味する。(USP8249810)

    $$ The data is stored in order of increasing corresponding address tag. (USP5727192)

    $$ New indexes 1794 and 1796 are now added to the pool of potential indexes at step 1514, in order of eligibility. / ステップ1514において、新しいインデックス1794および1796が適格性の順に潜在的なインデックスのプールに加えられる。(USP6182079)

    $$ The tanks can then be operated in sequence to regulate the temperature. / タンクはその後、温度を調整するように順に作動可能である。(USP8211339)

    $$ The N devices are exposed in sequence 1, 2, 3 . . . 7, 8. / N個の素子は1~8の順に感光される。(USP6157409)

    $$ The order of release may be, simply first to arrive, first to be processed. / 要求の送出の順序は着信順になされる。(USP5448559): first…first

    $$ The image on the television monitor 28 is built up of pixels which are recorded in series as the imager 5 is scanned over a scene (i.e. the subject 3). / テレビジョンモニター28上の像は、撮像器5が場面(即ち被写体3)上を走査されてゆくときに順に記録されてゆくピクセルから構成されている。(USP6453224): in series


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  • Ancora v HTC: Why You Should Draft Patents That Emphasize Technical Solutions

    Last week, in Ancora Technologies v HTC America, the Federal Circuit reversed a lower court’s invalidity ruling under 35 USC §101 by concluding that Ancora’s claimed subject matter was concrete—not abstract—because it assigned specific functions to specific parts of a computer to improve computer security… This case is yet another in a string of post-Alice cases suggesting that patents should be drafted with an emphasis on the technical problem and technical solution delivered by the…

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