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    $$ The problem may then be mathematically soluble although the solution will now depend on the values chosen for the now fixed variables. / 問題は、こうして数学的に解法可能になると考えられるが、解は、ここで、この時点で固定である変数に対して選択された値に依存することになる。(USP8346521)

    $$ With the venting now stopped, as a result of closure of sensing delay valve 35, the main control volume 14 begins to re-pressurise via the line 15. / 検出遅延バルブ35の閉止の結果として、この時点で通気が停止されると、管路15を介する主制御ボリューム14の加圧が再開される。(USP8276584)

    $$ The cantilever arms 9 are now loaded radially, and exerting a resultant force urging the slidable sleeve 5 off the needle hub 7. / この時点では、カンチレバーアーム9は、半径(放射)方向に荷重がかけられ、そして摺動可能スリーブ5を針ハブ7から外れる方向に推進する合力を発揮する。(USP8235950)

    $$ The housing 82 containing the lancet piston 81 may now be detached from the forward end of the driving apparatus 88 and discarded. / ランセットピストン81を含むハウジング82は、この時、駆動装置の前端88から取り外され、捨てられ得る。(USP8092394)

    $$ The vapour now produced was condensed and collected, as follows. / この時、以下のようにして、生成された蒸気を凝縮して収集した。(USP7622140)

    $$ Ignition failed at an air temperature of about 86℃, at which point emissions were extremely high. / 空気温度が約86℃で、点火に失敗した。この時点で排出物が非常に多くなった。(USP8875685)

    $$ The communications link is defined at this point. / 通信リンクはこの時点で定義される。(USP8699300)

    $$ At this point the contents of the condenser are removed. / この時点で、凝縮器の内容物が除去される。(USP7622140)

    $$ The reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature for 20 h, at which point TLC showed no starting material remained. / 反応混合物を室温で20時間撹拌し、この時点で、TLCにより、出発物質が全く残っていないことが示された。(USP7592448)

    $$ At this point, the IC register 154 is decremented to reach 0.(USPA01047466)

    $$ The third switching element 12 should be open at this time. / 第3スイッチング要素12は、この時、開状態になっているべきである。(USP8860388)

    $$ At this time further ions are preferably prevented from entering the ion trap 2. / この時点で、更なるイオンがイオントラップ2に入射できないようにするのが好ましい。(USP8344316)

    $$ At this time, presentation to the user will stop. / この時点でユーザへの提示は停止する。(USP8135852)

    $$ In this time the change in voltage must be approximately 1V. / この時点において、電圧変化はほぼ1Vでなければならない。(USP8106982)

    $$ By using high boiling point solvents, the amount of evaporation occurring in this time can be reduced. / 高沸点溶媒を用いることにより、この時間中に起こる蒸発量を低減することができる。(USP8084767)

    $$ The compiled version is not available for execution at this time.(USPA02029357)

    $$ At this time the loop terminates and the instruction fetching unit 46 continues issuing instructions from the processor packet after the last loop-body instruction, i.e. the processor packet containing…(USPA01047466)

    $$ Hence, the pattern number 626 is recovered by the query manager 105 at step 420 and at this stage any sub-patterns are also identified by query manager 105. / よって、パターン番号626が、工程420で、クエリ・マネージャ105によって回復され、この時点で、何れかのサブパターンがクエリ・マネージャ105によって識別される。(USP8386436): stage

    $$ The mat 10 lies atop the support surface 12 which in this instance is a table of an infant’s highchair and has a slight concavity 31 in its relaxed configuration acting as a base sucker holding it to the surface. / マット10は、この時点では幼児用の背の高い椅子のテーブルにある支持表面の上に横たわっており、該表面に底部を吸引して保持するように働く弛緩した状態のわずかな凹面31を有する。(USP8251340): instance

    $$ The clutch clamp load is then further reduced as is the throttle in order to maintain the new ratio speed. / クラッチ締め付け負荷はこの時、新たな比の速度を維持するために、スロットルに合わせさらに減少される。(USP8171814): then

    $$ When this happens the tail portion 14c engages the slots 38 in the flanges 34 and this locks the side wall 14 in the erect position and prevents the rod 20 from rotating about its axis. / この時、尾部14cがフランジ34内のスロット38に係合され、これによって、組立て位置にある側壁14がロックされ、側壁14がロッド20の軸の周りを回転することが防止される。(USP8166581): happen

    $$ At this instant the annular release collar will accelerate and move to the release position. / この時、環状解放襟部は、加速して解放位置へ移動する。(USP8083274): instant


  • Property Rights, but only To the Extent Needed
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    Property Rights, but only To the Extent Needed

     By Dennis Crouch

    In addition to its patent law jurisprudence, the Federal Circuit also handles appeals from the US Court of Federal Claims (CFC).   The CFC hears monetary claims against the U.S. Government – including breach of contract, takings, and unlicensed patent use under 28 U.S.C. Section 1498. The CFC also meets in the same Madison Place building as the Federal Circuit.

    The Federal Circuit’s new decision in Crow Creek Sioux Tribe v. United States, App. No. 2017-2340 (Fed. Cir. August 17, 2018), revolves around a water-rights takings claim against the U.S. Government.  The particular claim stems from two dams across the upper Missouri River that limit the Tribe’s ability to use and enjoy river water. The tribe sued in 2016. However, the case was dismissed for failure to state a claim.  The Federal Circuit has now affirmed that decision – holding that the tribal water rights are only a weak form of property.  In particular, the appellate held that the tribal property right in the water flow only extends to the amount of “to the extent needed to accomplish the purpose of the reservation.”  Quoting Winters v.

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  • The CRISPR Tug of War
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    The CRISPR Tug of War

    The University of California (“UC”) and The Broad Institute, Inc. (“Broad”) are among the leaders in the development of CRISPR technology.  Both UC and Broad filed patent applications for claims broadly drawn to CRISPR-Cas9 systems and methods of DNA editing.  These parties are currently engaged in litigation over patents concerning the potentially most lucrative application of CRISPR technology – the use of CRISPR-Cas9 in plant and animal (eukaryotic) cells.  The outcome of this litigation…

  • Samsung Electronics Co. v. Apple Inc., No 15-___ (design patent scope and damages calculation)(New Petition)

    by Dennis Crouch Samsung Electronics Co. v. Apple Inc., No 15-___ (on petition for writ of certiorari) (Samsung Petition) Samsung has now filed its petition for writ of certiorari challenging the $400 million that it has paid for infringing Apple’s design patents that cover the iconic curved corner iPhone and its basic display screen.[1]  Samsung writes, “[The […]

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  • Merger of Dow and DuPont set to make huge waves in agriculture, materials and plastics sectors

    No one should get too used to seeing the name DowDuPont, however. Company executives plan on splitting DowDuPont into three separate companies, each with a specific industry focus. One will be a $19 billion company focused on the corporation’s combined properties in agricultural products, including fungicides, genetically modified seeds and herbicides. A $13 billion specialty products company will also be spun off to produce electronics materials, Kevlar, Tyvek, food additives and other…

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  • "The Good Wife" on 13 December 2015 does KSR

    Buried in the periphery of “The Good Wife” episode of December 13, 2015 were oblique allusions to patent law, beginning with
    the episode title “KSR,” which in the episode relates to kidnap, sedate, and rape, rather than the Supreme Court case on obviousness.

    There is mention of the Dipple case, which seems to relate to patents, and there is mention of using “Form 18.”

    From celebritydirtylaundry :

    Ethan shows up at Diane’s office – they are supposed to be filing Dipple’s case today. Diane, Howard, an David are arguing with Cary. Cary says that it is their fault that the interns walked, because they treated them horribly. Diane hisses at Cary that this is his fault….he is the one that started a generational battle at the firm and he needs to fix it ASAP. She rushes in to her office to try and stall Ethan.

    The trick with the Dipple case turns on disciplinary rules:

    Cary shows back up to the office with the team of interns – he brings them in to the office and tells them all about the Dipple case and what they need to do for the brief, and then he tells them tht they are all fired. The interns are confused, what was the point of all of that? Cary laughs that now that they heard their side of the Dipple case – they can’t work for Canning, and they just screwed themselves out of a job.


    Link to episode: http://www.ew.com/recap/the-good-wife-season-7-episode-10

    **Some past discussion of Form 18


    From Lexology, about changes effective 1 Dec 2015:

    Importantly for patent cases, the removal of the Appendix of Forms means that patent holders may no longer plead infringement with the bare-bones Form 18. In the 2007 decision in Bell Atlantic Corp. v. Twombly, the Supreme Court raised the pleading standard in civil cases to require sufficiently detailed facts to show that a claim for relief is plausible on its face. The Federal Circuit, however, continued to allow patent infringement claims to be pled through Form 18, which requires little more than the names of the parties and the asserted patents. See K-Tech Telecommunications v. Time Warner, 714 F.3d 1277 (Fed. Cir. 2013). With the removal of Form 18, courts may hold parties claiming patent infringement to the higher Twomblypleading standard, making it more difficult for patent holders to bring claims.

    **Relevant text from the KSR episode:

    Oh, Monica, there you are. Appendix to the Federal Rules. I flagged Form 18. I still need the conforming examples… Not until you get me on the phone with the egghead from Chicago Polytech. I tracked down Professor Kennedy’s secretary. She is waking him. Monica, is Form 18…? It’s a template for simplified pleading. We don’t need more than that.

    link: http://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=24287

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  • Expanding the Framework for Enhanced Patent Damages

    So far this term, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear only one patent issue – enhanced damages, a.k.a. willfulness.  Two separate lawsuits have been joined together for the Supreme Court hearing: Halo[1] and Stryker[2].  An expanded one-hour has been allotted for the yet-to-be-scheduled oral arguments. Petitioners have now filed their merit briefs. Halo.Merits Stryker.Merits […]

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  • CBS Sunday Morning on December 13, 2015

    Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 13, 2015. The cover story is by Rita Braver on Amy Cuddy, In Good Standing. Second, Tracy Smith on Will Smith. Third John Blackstone on Michael Lewis and The Big Short. Mo Rocca on the School of Rock. Tanita Neyer on kringles from Racine, Wisconsin. Headlines: Paris climate talks. Women voting in Saudi Arabia. Heisman goes to Derrick Henry of Alabama.

    ** Rita Braver on Amy Cuddy on body language. The relationship of posture to power.
    Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. The book Presence. David Gergen now at Kennedy School of Government. You will notice it in the arena. John Wayne-like. I welcome challengesthat help us grow the science. Ph.D. in psychology from Princeton.
    A tiny tweak that can make a huge difference. [The NY Times noted: A paper that she wrote in 2010 with the researchers Dana R. Carney and Andy J. Yap found that lab participants who spent two minutes in a room alone doing high-power poses (feet on the desk with fingers laced behind the head, let’s say) increased testosterone levels by about 20 percent and lowered the stress hormone cortisol by about 25 percent.]

    Almanac. Dec. 13, 1961: Grandma Moses died. Anna May Roberston Moses. Eagle Bridge, NY. The Galerie St. Etienne. 1955 Edward R. Murrow. I’d rather see the money. 1600 paintings in all.

    Final night of Hannukeh

    Vinita Nair on Kringles of Racine, Wisconsin. Bendtsen’s Bakery. Kringleville. O & H Danish Bakery. Larsen Bakery.
    Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-kringle-a-sweet-wisconsin-favorite/

    Andrew Lloyd Webber interviewed by Mo Rocca. School of Rock. Jesus Christ Superstar in 1971. Helen Reddy. Tim Rice. Evita. Patti Lupone. Turkish van cats swim in the water.

    **The Lancet says there is no link between happieness and a long life. Happiness has no effect on mortality. The study was only on Women.

    John Blackstone offers a preview of The Big Short. The 2008 financial crisis. The 2010 book by Michael Lewis. A character in a situation. Risky mortgage bonds sold by big banks. Adam MacKay is the director (previous Anchorman; Talladega Nights). Anthony Bourdain. There is such an accidental quality to movies being made. Liar’s Poker. Narratives about Wall Street.

    Tracy Smith on Will Smith. Concussion. Bennet Omalu. The NFL owns a day of the week. Deliver the information. Six Degrees of Separation.
    Being realistic is the commonly traveled road to mediocrity. Exterminate me professionally by asking that his paper be retracted.
    Life can be wonderful if we choose to make it wonderful. Will Smith on walls and Muslims.

    Martha Teichner on choir at New College, Oxford. Heavenly Voices. Choir founded in 1379. What is of the moment and what seems eternal. Edward Higginbotham. 16 boy choiristers. Only 4 new per year to replace the four who age out.

    Opinion. Bill Flanagan. Big Lots tv ad. Commerce is our currency. Christmas is our biggest blowout. There is more to this world beyond what we see.

    The Week Ahead. Dec. 14 is busiest mailing day of season. Dec. 18. Star Wars. Dec. 19> Miss World in China.

    Next week. TransSiberian Orchestra. Andrea Bocelli.

    Moment of Nature. Topsail Hill Preserve,in South Walton, Florida.
    [Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is located along 7525 W. Scenic Hwy 30A in Santa Rosa Beach. Topsail has plenty of campground and RV space for visitors looking to stay a while and enjoy the sights of the white sand beaches, hiking trails and fishing as well as enjoying three rare coastal dune lakes. ** South Walton, the portion of Walton County that sits south of the Choctawhatchee Bay and its tributaries, extends 26 miles, from Miramar Beach in the west to Inlet Beach in the east]

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