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    $$ The problem may then be mathematically soluble although the solution will now depend on the values chosen for the now fixed variables. / 問題は、こうして数学的に解法可能になると考えられるが、解は、ここで、この時点で固定である変数に対して選択された値に依存することになる。(USP8346521)

    $$ With the venting now stopped, as a result of closure of sensing delay valve 35, the main control volume 14 begins to re-pressurise via the line 15. / 検出遅延バルブ35の閉止の結果として、この時点で通気が停止されると、管路15を介する主制御ボリューム14の加圧が再開される。(USP8276584)

    $$ The cantilever arms 9 are now loaded radially, and exerting a resultant force urging the slidable sleeve 5 off the needle hub 7. / この時点では、カンチレバーアーム9は、半径(放射)方向に荷重がかけられ、そして摺動可能スリーブ5を針ハブ7から外れる方向に推進する合力を発揮する。(USP8235950)

    $$ The housing 82 containing the lancet piston 81 may now be detached from the forward end of the driving apparatus 88 and discarded. / ランセットピストン81を含むハウジング82は、この時、駆動装置の前端88から取り外され、捨てられ得る。(USP8092394)

    $$ The vapour now produced was condensed and collected, as follows. / この時、以下のようにして、生成された蒸気を凝縮して収集した。(USP7622140)

    $$ Ignition failed at an air temperature of about 86℃, at which point emissions were extremely high. / 空気温度が約86℃で、点火に失敗した。この時点で排出物が非常に多くなった。(USP8875685)

    $$ The communications link is defined at this point. / 通信リンクはこの時点で定義される。(USP8699300)

    $$ At this point the contents of the condenser are removed. / この時点で、凝縮器の内容物が除去される。(USP7622140)

    $$ The reaction mixture was stirred at room temperature for 20 h, at which point TLC showed no starting material remained. / 反応混合物を室温で20時間撹拌し、この時点で、TLCにより、出発物質が全く残っていないことが示された。(USP7592448)

    $$ At this point, the IC register 154 is decremented to reach 0.(USPA01047466)

    $$ The third switching element 12 should be open at this time. / 第3スイッチング要素12は、この時、開状態になっているべきである。(USP8860388)

    $$ At this time further ions are preferably prevented from entering the ion trap 2. / この時点で、更なるイオンがイオントラップ2に入射できないようにするのが好ましい。(USP8344316)

    $$ At this time, presentation to the user will stop. / この時点でユーザへの提示は停止する。(USP8135852)

    $$ In this time the change in voltage must be approximately 1V. / この時点において、電圧変化はほぼ1Vでなければならない。(USP8106982)

    $$ By using high boiling point solvents, the amount of evaporation occurring in this time can be reduced. / 高沸点溶媒を用いることにより、この時間中に起こる蒸発量を低減することができる。(USP8084767)

    $$ The compiled version is not available for execution at this time.(USPA02029357)

    $$ At this time the loop terminates and the instruction fetching unit 46 continues issuing instructions from the processor packet after the last loop-body instruction, i.e. the processor packet containing…(USPA01047466)

    $$ Hence, the pattern number 626 is recovered by the query manager 105 at step 420 and at this stage any sub-patterns are also identified by query manager 105. / よって、パターン番号626が、工程420で、クエリ・マネージャ105によって回復され、この時点で、何れかのサブパターンがクエリ・マネージャ105によって識別される。(USP8386436): stage

    $$ The mat 10 lies atop the support surface 12 which in this instance is a table of an infant’s highchair and has a slight concavity 31 in its relaxed configuration acting as a base sucker holding it to the surface. / マット10は、この時点では幼児用の背の高い椅子のテーブルにある支持表面の上に横たわっており、該表面に底部を吸引して保持するように働く弛緩した状態のわずかな凹面31を有する。(USP8251340): instance

    $$ The clutch clamp load is then further reduced as is the throttle in order to maintain the new ratio speed. / クラッチ締め付け負荷はこの時、新たな比の速度を維持するために、スロットルに合わせさらに減少される。(USP8171814): then

    $$ When this happens the tail portion 14c engages the slots 38 in the flanges 34 and this locks the side wall 14 in the erect position and prevents the rod 20 from rotating about its axis. / この時、尾部14cがフランジ34内のスロット38に係合され、これによって、組立て位置にある側壁14がロックされ、側壁14がロッド20の軸の周りを回転することが防止される。(USP8166581): happen

    $$ At this instant the annular release collar will accelerate and move to the release position. / この時、環状解放襟部は、加速して解放位置へ移動する。(USP8083274): instant


  • Property Rights, but only To the Extent Needed
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    Property Rights, but only To the Extent Needed

     By Dennis Crouch

    In addition to its patent law jurisprudence, the Federal Circuit also handles appeals from the US Court of Federal Claims (CFC).   The CFC hears monetary claims against the U.S. Government – including breach of contract, takings, and unlicensed patent use under 28 U.S.C. Section 1498. The CFC also meets in the same Madison Place building as the Federal Circuit.

    The Federal Circuit’s new decision in Crow Creek Sioux Tribe v. United States, App. No. 2017-2340 (Fed. Cir. August 17, 2018), revolves around a water-rights takings claim against the U.S. Government.  The particular claim stems from two dams across the upper Missouri River that limit the Tribe’s ability to use and enjoy river water. The tribe sued in 2016. However, the case was dismissed for failure to state a claim.  The Federal Circuit has now affirmed that decision – holding that the tribal water rights are only a weak form of property.  In particular, the appellate held that the tribal property right in the water flow only extends to the amount of “to the extent needed to accomplish the purpose of the reservation.”  Quoting Winters v.

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  • The CRISPR Tug of War
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    The CRISPR Tug of War

    The University of California (“UC”) and The Broad Institute, Inc. (“Broad”) are among the leaders in the development of CRISPR technology.  Both UC and Broad filed patent applications for claims broadly drawn to CRISPR-Cas9 systems and methods of DNA editing.  These parties are currently engaged in litigation over patents concerning the potentially most lucrative application of CRISPR technology – the use of CRISPR-Cas9 in plant and animal (eukaryotic) cells.  The outcome of this litigation…




    $$ In addition to the aforementioned operating data 43 (see FIG. 3) for use in controlling access to channels, the data in a channel can include brief programme scheduling data defining the scheduling of programmes in several of the channels as scheduling events. / チャネルへのアクセスの制御に使用する上記の操作データ43(第3図参照)に加えて、チャネル内のデータは、いくつかのチャネルの番組のスケジューリングをスケジューリング事象として定義する、簡潔な番組スケジューリング・データを含むことができる。(USP02042917)

    $$ Several of the possible liquid crystal cell and device configurations will now be described with reference to FIG. 13. / 有り得る液晶セル及び素子構成のいくつかについて、図13を参照して以下に説明する。(USP7053975)

    $$ Several of these are reviewed in "Sensorless Methods for Determining the Rotor Position of Switched Reluctance Motors" by W F Ray and I H Al-Bahadly, published in the Proceedings of The European Power Electronics Conference, Brighton, UK, Sep. 13-16, 1993, Vol. 6, pp 7-13, which is incorporated herein by reference. / いくつかの方法は、1993年9月13日~16日、イギリスのブライトンでの欧州パワーエレクトロニクス会議の中で発行された、W F RayおよびI H Al-Bahadlyによる“Sensorless Methods for Determining the Rotor Position of Switched Reluctance Motors”の第6巻第7ページ~第13ページに記載されている。(USP6586903)

    $$ Several of the physical layer functions require configuration data. (USP6691301)

    $$ Several of the preferred formulations for the panel employ metal and metal alloy skins, or alternatively a carbon fiber reinforcement. (USP6332029)

    $$ As shown in FIG. 1 several of the pleats 26 nearest to the end wall 17 are of the same width then, as the pleats get progressively closer to the end wall 15, the widths of the pleats progressively increases, as shown in FIG. 1. (USP5913342)

    $$ Several such values could be commanded. / いくつかのそのような値を命令することができる。(USP8208874)

    $$ There may be several such links between regions in pairs of images, and further multiple links to regions in other images in the database. / 画像の組の領域間にこのような複数のリンクがあり、さらにデータベース内の他の画像の中の領域に対する追加の複数のリンクがある可能性がある。(USP7593602)

    $$ Where several external input signals already share a common external or internal data timing clock then there may effectively be several such "master" channels. / いくつかの外部入力信号が既に共通外部または内部データタイミングクロックを共用しておれば、このようないくつかの有効な“マスター”チャネルがあることがある。(USP7577260)

    $$ It will be appreciated by the man skilled in the art that each trim panel would have several such trim fixing means spaced out along its length.(USP6145870)

    $$ If the apparatus or several such apparatuses are being used additionally to level a towed vehicle, then each respective screwjack 15 can be screwed downwards appropriately until the floor 2 is horizontal. (USP5579862)

    $$ FIG. 2, in general there will be several such terminals, including at least one terminal for each supplier wishing to use the system. (USP02072988)


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  • Patent reform issue: “If it does get into litigation, right and wrong is hard to sort out sometimes.” “Chicken Shack” as the new “Burger King”?

    Those who take a trademark course in law school usually are exposed to the Burger King case, relating to the first users of the Burger King trademark (in Mattoon, Illinois). The Mattoon users got to retain rights to Burger King mark around Mattoon, and the national chain elsewhere.

    Now, there is a related fast food issue coming up with “Chicken Shack,” with the owners of “Shake Shack” moving in the chicken direction, and seeking a mark in “chicken shack,” even though there are prior users in the Detroit area.
    The story is covered by Crain’s in the post Shake Shack seeks patent on use of metro Detroit Chicken Shack’s name

    The looming trademark fight has a “big guy vs. little guy” theme, which relates to some of the issues presently facing
    Congress in dealing with patent reform. From Crain’s:

    If the trademark name battle did come to Chicken Shack’s own market, it may not be a question of legal standing as much as financial stamina, said Kenneth Dalto, owner of Farmington Hills-based Kenneth J. Dalto & Associates and a consultant in several industries including restaurants.

    “Shake Shack did an IPO not even six months ago and they are sitting on some money right now,” he said. “It could hire a very powerful New York law firm if it’s intent on the brand, and Chicken Shack is a good family company, but maybe it doesn’t compete on that level.

    “If it does get into litigation, right and wrong is hard to sort out sometimes. You’re still able to get the other company’s mind off of running its business and even if you lose it’s still a two-year battle.”

    From the 2009 IPBiz post
    Demise of the (anti-)Doughnut campaign: a parable of patent reform?

    This little story evokes themes in the story of patent reform, although the patent reform saga has added complexity. In patent reform, the big doughnut sellers (eg, IBM, Cisco) are complaining about the little doughnut sellers (“trolls”) and are trying to implement “reform” to favor the big doughnut sellers, rather than to get rid of the doughnuts. The popular press would have the public believe that the little doughnut sellers are the only ones selling doughnuts, and that “reform” will get rid of the doughnuts. Anybody who actually advocated getting rid of the doughnuts would meet the same fate as Dr. Newsom, likely from doughnut selling lawyers. Furthermore, the position of the big doughnut sellers would do significant harm to smaller vendors, who aren’t selling doughnuts at all.

    See also IPBiz post: Lerner says patent reform is “cold war”; IPBiz says “doughnuts!”

    ***As a headsup to trademark students, the original owners of the Mattoon Burger King sold out in 2015.
    See Owners Of “Original” Burger King Sell Restaurant After Almost 60 Years In Business

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  • CBS Sunday Morning for June 7, 2015

    Jane Pauley (not Charles Osgood) introduced the stories for 7 June 2015. Erin Moriarty does the cover story on Tyler Climenti, who was cyber-bullied. Title: In his name. Second, Anthony Mason on John Kander, up for a Tony on New York, New York. Third, Mo Rocca interviews Ben Vereen. Allusion to 1977 tv show Roots. Fourth, John Blackstone on California earthquakes. Lucy Jones on movie San Andreas. Fact from fiction? John LaPook. Martha Teichner. Steve Hartman.
    Headlines: President Obama with Chancellor Merkel. Mourners for Beau Biden. Obama eulogy: lived life to fullest. He left nothing in the tank. Boston bat incident. Pictures of Charlotte with George. Belmont Stakes triple crown, first in 37 years. Weather: warmer in the east.
    Clip: American Pharaoh worth 100 million as a stud.
    First up was Michelle Miller on Belmont/American Pharoah. Victor Espinoza. Justin Zayat.
    Sept. 22, 2010: Port Authority police called the Climenti family. Tyler was accomplished as a violinist. Older brother James. Evangelical Christian Church. In summer of 2010, James reached out to younger brother. Feb. 12: Dharun Ravi went on trial. At 8:42pm on Sept. 22: jumping off GW bridge. Now, parents speaking out against cyber-bullying. “Day 1″ campaign. Bystanders become upstanders. Don’t underestimate what your child is going through.

    Almanac. June 7, 1843. Susan Elizabeth Blow born. Founder of kindergarten. 1873 St. Louis. Right of passage for five year olds. Robert Fulghum book. Movie: Kindergarten Cop. Now: 6 in 10 NOT enrolled in public kindergarten.
    Wikipedia notes: Susan Elizabeth Blow (June 7, 1843 in Carondelet, St. Louis, Missouri – March 27, 1916 in New York City, New York) was a United States educator who opened the first successful public Kindergarten in the United States. She is known as the “Mother of Kindergarten”.

    Martha Teichner. Madison Square Park public art. Theresita Fernandez. Fata Morgana. Art meant to be walked through. Reflective surface. Piece: Black Sun. Mass. MOCA. Got MacArthur genius grant. Artwork made of raw mined graphite.
    Brooklyn studio. Finding your co-ordinates.

    Anthony Mason. “The Visit.” 88 year old John Kander. Fred Ebb. First show: Flora, The Red Menace. Next: Cabaret. Chicago opened in 1975. Re-opened in 1996. Writing was always a good time. Songs for 1977 movie New York, New York. Robert DeNiro did not like initial opening song, led to New York, New York we know. Fred Ebb died in 2004. Unfinished musical: Curtain. I miss the music. New collaborator: Fred Pierce.

    Steve Hartman in Los Cruces, New Mexico. Becky Garcia is librarian. Kitty condo. Sign out kittens. 100 kittens have been adopted from the library.

    Dr. John LaPook on Marianne and Michelle joined twins in Haiti. Dr. Henri Ford, moved to Brooklyn in 1972. Now Chief of Surgery at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Ford has been to Haiti more than 20 times since earthquake. “Partners in Health.” Teaching hospital. In surgery, team is color-coded. Seven hour procedure.

    Moment of nature: High Falls State Park in Georgia

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