Samsung Patent Features Auto-Ejectable Stylus for Galaxy Note Devices – Christian Post

Christian Post
Samsung Patent Features Auto-Ejectable Stylus for Galaxy Note Devices
Christian Post
The patent illustrates how Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note phablets can utilize a simple system of dual electromagnets, one located at the stylus slot, and the other at the bottom of the docking slot. The magnets control another magnet in the device’s S
Samsung Electronics Submits Patent for Auto-Eject S
Samsung to make Galaxy Note stylus ejectable using voice command or shape Venture Capital Post
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 news: Phablet might have an auto-eject S-Pen feature Vine Report

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  • Cadillac will Support CarPlay in 2016

    It was just two weeks ago that we posted a report titled "Chevrolet will Offer CarPlay in More Models than any other Automotive Brand this year." GM stated that there will be 14 vehicle models supported Carplay this year and today we’re learning that most GM’s Cadillac line will support Carplay as well. Our cover graphic is an example of a Cadillac infotainment system integrating Apple’s CarPlay.

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  • U.S. Patent No. 7,497,779: Video game including time dilation effect and a storage medium storing software for the video game

    U.S. Patent No. 7,497,779: Video game including time dilation effect and a storage medium storing software for the video game
    Issued March 3, 2009, to Nintendo


    The ‘779 patent describes a feature used in the Max Payne series of video games—the ability to change the laws of physics depending on the state of the game character. In these games the player has the ability to slow down the game world in order to provide his character with special abilities. Generally, when this invention has been implemented, the camera shifts to the first-person view of the character while the time is slowed. This gives the player the feeling of actually being the character as opposed to just controlling a figure on the screen.


    The passage of time and/or the laws of physics may be changed depending on the state of a game character. For example, the slowing down of the game world may provide the game character with special abilities move quickly in a very short period of “game world” time.

    Illustrative Claim:

    1. A video game comprising: a ghost game character capable of possessing and dispossessing a plurality of different host game characters during game play wherein a game world view shifts to a view of a possessed host game character; and a time change effect for changing the rate at which time passes in the game world between a first rate when the ghost game character possesses one of the host game characters and a second rate when the ghost game character dispossesses one of the host game characters, wherein the changing between the first and second rates occurs gradually.

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  • CAFC vacates decision of ED Va in Virginia Innovation v. Samsung

    The CAFC did not affirm ED Va in the Virginia Innovations case, giving appellant
    Innovations a victor.

    Plaintiff and appellant Virginia Information Sciences,
    Inc. (VIS) appeals from stipulated final judgments of noninfringement
    and invalidity entered in favor of Samsung
    Electronics, Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics America, Inc.,
    and Samsung Telecommunications America LLC (collectively,
    Samsung) by the United States District Court for
    the Eastern District of Virginia in two consolidated patent
    infringement actions. Because (1) the intrinsic evidence
    before us does not support the district court’s construction
    of a claim term central to the parties’ dispute, (2) the
    specification of the patents-in-suit suggests that the term
    has an established understanding in the art, and (3) the
    parties have not sufficiently developed the record with
    regard to that established understanding, we vacate and
    remand for further proceedings.

    Result: ED Va decision–VACATED AND REMANDED


    Some text

    The district
    court adopted Samsung’s reasoning, narrowing its construction
    of “display format” to exclude signals in formats
    that required further deconstruction or reassembly at the
    external monitor in order to be displayed by the monitor.
    VIS SJ II, 2014 WL 1685932 at *10.

    This was error. Nothing in the specification mentions—much
    less prohibits—the “deconstruction” or
    “reassembly” of video signals at the external display, key
    components of the district court’s ultimate construction of
    the term “display format.” Nor do the parties identify
    anything in the prosecution history suggesting that the
    meaning of “display format” is tied to the absence of any
    “deconstruction,” “decoding,” “reassembly,” or other
    processing of the converted video signal by the external
    monitor. Indeed, these terms appear to have been introduced
    by VIS when analogizing a pre-assembled nursery
    crib to compressed video signals in its summary judgment
    briefs. J.A. 2813, 4919–20.

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  • American Well sues Teladoc over alleged patent infringement – FierceHealthIT

    American Well sues Teladoc over alleged patent infringement
    In a statement regarding the lawsuit, obtained by the Boston Business Journal, Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic says his company believes the patents are invalid, adding that the action by American Well is in response to Teladoc’s petition with the U.S
    American Well Accuses Teladoc of Patent Infringement in LawsuitiHealthBeat
    Can telehealth be protected by a patent?mHealthNews

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