subparagraph form

subparagraph form

サブパラグラフ形式。英文特許クレームにおける形式の1つで、クレームの各要素を1パラグラフ(サブパラグラフ)ごとに分けて記載する形式。tabular formとも呼ばれる。各サブパラグラフにはインデントを設け、各サブパラグラフの最後にセミコロンを挿入する(colon-semicolon form、下記例参照)。この形式のクレームは読みやすく理解しやすいため、USPTOが非常に好む形式と言われている("... the subparagraph or tabular form, is strongly favored by the Patent and Trademark Office")。

  1. An apparatus for shaking articles, the apparatus comprising:
  a container for the articles;
  a base;
  a plurality of parallel legs, each of the plurality of legs being connected pivotally at one end to the container and at the other end to the base to support the container for oscillating movement with respect to the base; and
  means for oscillating the container on the legs to shake the articles.


Use the subparagraph form for claims. Make claims as easy as possible for readers to understand and to follow what the elements are. The examiner will appreciate it, as well as everyone else who ever reads the patent.

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